Priyanka Chopra gets called “Chopa” at Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards 2017 faced an embarrassing mishap when they mispronounced Priyanka Chopra’s name and ended up calling her ‘Chopa’!

Priyanka Chopra gets called "Chopa" at Emmy Awards

Instead, she introduced the starlet as "Priyanka Chopa".

Once again, Priyanka Chopra graced the stage of the Emmy Awards as a presenter. However, the ceremony suffered an embarrassing mishap and ended up calling the actress “Priyanka Chopa”.

On 17th September 2017, the Bollywood star joined Anthony Anderson to present the Outstanding Variety Talk Series award. As they approached the stage, the announcer began to introduce them to the star-studded crowd.

While the announcer pronounced Anthony’s name flawlessly, she stumbled upon Priyanka’s. Instead, she introduced the starlet as “Priyanka Chopa”.

Despite the mishap, PeeCee herself appeared cool and confident on stage as she and Anthony presented talk show host John Oliver with his award.

However, her fans appeared shocked at the mispronunciation. As usual, it caused a stir on Twitter.

Priyanka Chopra has been around the Hollywood scene now for a number of years since her role in Quantico which premiered in 2015. Along with the summer film Baywatch, many would argue that by now US media should know well enough how to pronounce her name.

Meanwhile, the stunning star also hit headlines for her gorgeous gown, designed by Balmain. The elegant dress became the main focus of the award ceremony’s red carpet, with paparazzi keen to snap flawless images of Priyanka.

She wore a mermaid-style gown, decorated with dazzling metallic embellishments and finished with a feathered train.

For her raven locks, she styled it into a high ponytail which showed off a beautiful ombre effect in her hair.

With a deep purple lip and plum eyeshadow, Priyanka Chopra certainly dressed in magnificent style!

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards marks the second time Priyanka has presented at the famous awards ceremony. In 2016, she co-presented with actor Tom Hiddleston and engaged in some flirtatious banter with him throughout the night.

However, this year didn’t witness any amusing antics from the starlet. Instead, she decided to let everyone focus on her jaw-dropping dress.

Despite the slight mishap with her name, Priyanka has brushed it off her shoulders to celebrate her second year at the Emmys. But will se soon see the actress win one of the prestigious awards in 2018? Time will tell.

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of Charles Sykes via AP.

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