Priyanka and Nick celebrate Festive Holidays in the UK

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and respective families have chosen the UK to celebrate their festive holidays and shared photos show us where!

we see the family out and about in Warwick

After an extravagant wedding at the start of December 2018 in India, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been celebrating their festive holidays with their families in the UK.

The celebrity couple has been in England for Christmas week along with Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra and all of Nick’s family members.

It looks like after their affluent and grand receptions in New Delhi and then Mumbai in India, they have headed for the UK for some festive cheer.

From being a Bollywood actress, making a go of it in the US in acting and singing, Priyanka Chopra is now Mrs Jonas.  And being the wife of Nick Jonas means being part of a larger and very active family.

Her wedding in India with two ceremonies showed the couple’s respect for both cultures and religions.

Priyanka and Nick celebrate Festive Holidays in the UK - cake

So, now it’s time for both of them to share celebrations important to each other too. In this instance Christmas and the festive holiday period.

Sharing her celebrations and festive family time in the UK, Priyanka shared some lovely photos of them in the UK on her Instagram.

Starting with a Christmas Eve snap, Priyanka poses with Nick, her mother, Nick’s parents and other family members with a lovely decorated Christmas tree behind them.

Priyanka and Nick celebrate Festive Holidays in the UK - eve and dinner

For Christmas day, we see a photo of a grand Christmas dinner captioned with ‘From our family to yours. Merry Christmas ?’ shows Priyanka, her mum and the Jonas family all around a table of drinks, crackers and decorated with candles. 

Then we see the family out and about in Warwick, in the county of Warwickshire, which possibly hints that their festive celebrations were in the town of the iconic Warwick Castle, founded by William the Conqueror.

Priyanka and Nick celebrate Festive Holidays in the UK - warwick

Priyanka and Nick are seen on the left with PeeCee leaning onto him and the rest of Nick’s family are then seen in the shot along with relatives.

After the family photos, Priyanka shared a photo which highlights the individual efforts gone into making her wedding so special.

Priyanka and Nick celebrate Festive Holidays in the UK - wedding bits

Priyanka captioned the photo saying:

“It’s always the little #details that make the big picture so unique.”

“This, for us, was the collaborative effort of everyone who believed in these details to make our wedding so special.

“Thank you @forestessentials for creating these amazing, personalised luxury Ayurveda sets for our family and friends.”

A loving selfie of Priyanka and Nick rounded off this series of photos shared by Priyanka, where we see them in a very affectionate pose.

Priyanka and Nick celebrate Festive Holidays in the UK - love

It’s evident that Priyanka and Nick are spending some much needed time together during the festive season with family, and England in the UK became their chosen destination.

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