Anveshi Jain shocked at Leak of her Sex Clip from Gandii Baat 2

After the success of the first Gandii Baat web series, a second is in production but shockingly a sex clip featuring Anveshi Jain has been leaked.

Anveshi Jain shocked at Leak of her Sexual Clip from Gandii Baat 2 f

"I am shocked beyond words on the leak of my intimate scenes"

After the success of Gandii Baat season one, a second season has been in the making under the ALT Balaji banner for the production of the Indian web series with an adult theme.

The web series explores a number of urban stories based in rural India with an inspiringly witty and engaging take on myths and dark sexual beliefs that exist in the country.

However, it looks like some intimate scenes of actress and model Anveshi Jain have been leaked from the new series of Gandii Baat.

The actress, who is actually a qualified Electrical Engineer, has been utterly dismayed by the incident saying:

“I am shocked beyond words on the leak of my intimate scenes in Gandii Baat 2.”

Anveshi Jain shocked at Leak of her Sexual Clip from Gandii Baat 2 bw

Gandii Baat dubbed as an erotic anthology has definitely sparked conversations for its content being controversial with bold scenes. With a host of mixed reviews from audiences and critics, the four-episode series did reap success.

This resulted in ALT Balaji producers taking the step to make a second season.

But while audiences have been wondering about what will be the content of the second season, a leaked clip of a bold sex scene between Anveshi Jain and Flora Saini has created a huge buzz.

With the clip going viral and creating controversy, Anveshi wanted to express her concern and disappointment regarding the situation, saying:

“I am relatively a newcomer and have to learn a lot about the functioning of this showbiz industry.

“I am trying to come to terms with the ways this industry works.

“Although I was made very comfortable at the shoot by the entire unit including my co-actor Flora Saini, this leak has left me a little shaken.

“I have no idea how it happened.”

Anveshi Jain shocked at Leak of her Sexual Clip from Gandii Baat 2 pose

Naturally being very unhappy about the leaked clip, Jain still wanted to convey her approach to doing the scenes as demanded by the Gandii Baat 2 script, saying:

“I chose to be a part of Gandii Baat because the series has a very compelling narrative despite the milieu of erotica.

“I had a very strong and central role in the story, and working with the team of Gandii Baat would and did prove to be very beneficial.

“But this leak has left me totally baffled.”

Anveshi Jain shocked at Leak of her Sexual Clip from Gandii Baat 2 baffled

The first series was directed by directed by Sachin Mohite and produced by Ekta Kapoor under the ALT Balaji banner.

The trailer for the first season which has garnered over 14 million views, shows everything from a father-in-law making sexual advances towards his daughter-in-law to a young boy making out with his sister-in-law to a couple indulging in BDSM sex, hence, touching on all the taboos in Indian society.

See the trailer for the first Gandii Baat:


The statement by ALT Balaji for the trailer of the first series when it was released in May 2018 was:

“This show will explore unusual stories from rural parts of India and has been shot at real locations.

“Each episode will tell a different story about relationship and taboos.

“It will explore topics that exist in every section of the society but are never spoken about or discussed openly.”

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