Pakistani Wife Beaten and Stripped by Husband & Relatives

A Pakistani wife was beaten up by her husband and his relatives. They later tore off her clothes in the incident which occurred in Islamabad.

Pakistani Husband cuts of Wife's Hair for Not Covering Head f

"he pulled my hair and dragged me across the floor."

A Pakistani wife from Islamabad filed a police complaint against her husband and his relatives after they brutally beat her.

Following the assault, they tore her clothes off as they verbally abused her.

Tasneem Bibi stated that her husband, Tahir Ali, beat her on a regular basis. He would do it whenever she would ask him for money.

While beating her, Ali would also say derogatory things to her.

During this incident, Tasneem asked her husband for money in order for maintenance. Ali began beating her, his brother and brother-in-law then joined in.

They verbally abused her while hitting her and dragging her across the ground. Ali also pulled her hair. They later ripped her clothes off.

In her statement, she said: “I demanded him to stop accusing me and provide things for the household after which he pulled my hair and dragged me across the floor.”

Tasneem added that her husband had help from his brother Zahid and brother-in-law Amir.

“All three punched and kicked me.”

The attack left the victim unconscious after being struck in the head by her husband.

Ali later took out a gun and fired it into the air. It spread fear and panic among nearby people and Ali then threatened to kill his wife.

Following the incident, Ali and his accomplices fled the scene.

Tasneem was taken to a hospital where a medical report confirmed that she was assaulted.

Police officers took into account the medical report and Tasneem’s statement. They registered a case against the accused but they have not made any arrests yet.

In a similar incident which took place in Bengaluru, a woman was beaten and stripped on a road by her brother-in-law and his family.

The incident occurred when the victim was accused by her sister-in-law of being a prostitute.

Pramila then told the victim to leave the house as she was unemployed. She then became violent and began throwing stones and slippers at her.

The woman went to file a police complaint but they advised her to file on the next day. Her in-laws eventually found out that the woman had gone to the police.

After leaving the police station, the woman and her daughter ran errands before returning to the house.

However, when she returned, she was beaten and stripped near the house in the middle of a road.

The victim’s daughter was also hit for recording the incident on a phone.

Following the assault, the woman sought protection at Banaswadi police station. She wrote a formal complaint against the family and her brother-in-law was later arrested.

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