Pakistani Lecturer Suspended for “Indecent” TikTok Video

A Pakistani lecturer has been suspended by a college administration in Haripur after he was seen in an “indecent” TikTok video.

Pakistani Lecturer Suspended for Indecent TikTok Video f

"it’s for them to decide their fate.”

A Pakistani lecturer and one of his female students were seen together in a TikTok video and have now been suspended.

The college teacher and the student were suspended by the institution’s administration for “violating discipline” after the clip went viral.

The short video shows Rafaqat Hussain, an English lecturer at Postgraduate College Haripur, with his student Zainab Ali.

However, they claimed it was shared on TikTok by “someone with ill-intent.”

The video went viral and has been shared hundreds of times on other social media sites. While the nature of the video is not known, the college principal, Dr Muhammad Ishfaq, called the clip “indecent.” He said:

“They have been suspended for violating the college discipline by posting the indecent clip.”

Dr Ishfaq explained that when the matter was reported to him, he formed a four-member committee to resolve the issue.

They concluded that the video of Mr Hussain and Zainab had violated the college rules.

The matter was later referred to the director colleges and education secretary of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for further action.

Following the committee’s decision, the Pakistani lecturer and student have been suspended until then. They are also prohibited from entering the college grounds.

Dr Ishfaq added: “Now, it’s for them to decide their fate.”

According to Mr Hussain, they did not violate any rules.

He revealed that he was in a relationship with 24-year-old Zainab and they were planning to get married with the consent of their families.

He said that the 20-second clip was shot by Zainab on her phone.

Mr Hussain asked: “Can somebody do something indecent or something against societal norms publicly at a fish point?”

The lecturer stated that the video was not meant to be shared on TikTok. He alleged that someone hacked into Zainab’s phone and stole the video.

The alleged hacker then shared it on TikTok as a way of ruining Zainab and Mr Hussain’s reputation.

Zainab said it was ridiculous to suspend her for “violating discipline” because the clip had nothing to do with the college.

She told The Express Tribune:

“I’m an adult and mature enough to make my decisions. It’s my right to choose who to spend my life with.”

Zainab went on to say that the college administration has also refused to issue her a certificate so that she could continue her studies at another college.

She revealed the effect it has had on her and her family:

“Me and my family are in mental distress as my studies are being affected due to the unnecessary controversy created by the college administration.”

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