Pakistani Actress Sarah Khan criticised for ‘Feminist’ Remarks

A popular face in Pakistani dramas Sarah Khan gets into trouble and has received backlash for her “pretentious” comments on feminism.

Pakistani Actress Sarah Khan criticised for ‘Feminist’ Remarks f

"Women have greater power than men."

Pakistani actress Sarah Khan has landed herself in hot water after her remarks about feminism on Instagram.

Sarah recently posted an ‘Ask Me’ on her Instagram story.

This feature of Instagram questions allows users to upload the ‘ask a question’ sticker on their story. Then followers can react to it.

A host of celebrities use this feature to connect and interact with their fans and followers.

Usually, the questions are related to celebrities’ professional and personal life.

Sarah Khan was also asked a range of questions which she answered for her fans.

Yet, it was one question and answer in particular that caused a storm on social media with many people criticising Sarah for her response.

Someone asked Sarah if she was a feminist to which she replied saying, “No I’m not. Women have greater power than men. Why fight for equality?”

Pakistani Actress Sarah Khan criticised for ‘Feminist’ Remarks - story

Undoubtedly, this did not sit well with many people on Instagram and soon Sarah found herself being condemned for her response.

Many people took to the comment section to criticise Sarah Khan for her “pretentious” reply.

Nazehamj took to Instagram to condemn Sarah Khan. She said:

“1. Nobody has greater power than anybody. Such a pretentious thing to say.

“2. Say that we don’t need to fight for equality to the women who are constantly abused in their home for simply being a “girl child.”

“Women are denied their basic educational and health rights all over the world in all sections of classes.”

“So, we do need to fight for equality. Just because you did not went through something does not mean that that injustice does not exist.”

Another user chimed in saying that women and men are, in fact, equal. Q.h.s01 said:

“We’re equal but not the same. We’re both strong in our own ways. In this all competition of men and women, we honestly have lost our individualities.

“There are things which only women can do and there are things which only men can do.

“Doesn’t mean they both are not important or equal. Having different functions don’t explain one is more powerful than the other.”

Another Instagram user simply said, “Should’ve stopped at I’m not” while a second added, “It’s not about power. It’s about rights. Every gender should give other genders their rights.”

It appears Sarah Khan has certainly angered the masses with her “feminist” remark.

As of yet, Sarah Khan has not reacted to backlash she has received.

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