Miss India Beauty Queens depict Brides of India

Jewellers Malabar Gold and Diamonds has launched ‘Brides of India 2021’ which highlights the diversity and ornaments of Indian brides.

Beauty Queens depict Brides Of India

"it’s her big day and she’s here to own it!"

Miss India beauty queens have been depicting the brides of India in a new campaign to show off the diversity of the country.

Kerala-based jewellery brand Malabar Gold and Diamonds launched ‘Brides of India 2021′ to show off their range of collections.

The campaign captures the excitement surrounding the grand entry of the bride at her wedding.

First up is Miss India World 2018 Anukreethy Vas who portrays a traditional bride from Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ home state of Kerala.

She is seen wearing a luxurious cream-coloured silk sari with pieces of standout jewellery.

The highlight piece included a long, gold necklace surrounded by white flowers.

Miss India Beauty Queens depict Brides of India - Anukreethy Vas

Next is Femina Miss India Karnataka 2020 Rati Hulji whose aesthetic is referred to as ‘contemporary’.

She wears a light coloured sari. Her hair and makeup are simplistic to ensure that all eyes were on her sari.

Her outfit was accessorised with statement jewellery encrusted with precious gemstones.

Rati Hulji

The third beauty queen is Femina Miss India Maharashtra 2019 Vaishnavi Andhale who represents the Marathi bride.

Her gorgeous look includes elegant jewellery. She also wears an iconic, cultural headpiece and exquisite nose ring native to the western state.

Marathi brides also traditionally wear green bangles, a moon-shaped bindi and a traditional necklace as seen on Andhale.

Miss India Beauty Queens depict Brides of India

Meanwhile, Miss Diva 2017 finalist Swetha Gadad is described as ‘shimmering’.

She most certainly is with her shiny cream sari.

This is accentuated by her specially curated sparkling silver jewellery bejewelled with emerald centrepieces.

Miss India Beauty Queens depict Brides of India 2

Femina Miss India Madhya Pradesh 2019 Garima Yadav transforms into a traditional Bihari bride.


She wears a red sari with contrasting embroidered patterns, making her outfit pop.

Elegant gold jewellery is worn on her head and neck. She completes her bridal look with an emphatic nose ring.

Miss India Beauty Queens depict Brides of India 3

Malabar Gold and Diamonds kicked off the campaign with a special wedding theme song created specifically for it.

The hashtag, #MakeWayForTheBride depicts the grand entry of women across India, one of the biggest moments at their weddings.

Released in the background of a three-minute promotional video, it gained two million views across social media platforms.

The commercial also features celebrity brand ambassadors Kareena Kapoor and Anil Kapoor.

Speaking at a launch event, Malabar Group Chairman MP Ahammed said:

“The Brides of India Campaign is our tribute to the new-age brides and their awe-inspiring individuality.

“Over the last ten years, Brides of India has played a pivotal role in showcasing our versatility in catering to all bridal jewellery needs from all around the country.

“The theme of Brides of India 2021 encourages all to make way for the bride.

“Because this is her moment, it’s her big day and she’s here to own it!

“She’s here to shine and make sure the world knows it.”

“With the launch of Brides of India 2021 campaign, we celebrate the brides who choose to make the big day all about her.

“With designs that cater to varied sensibilities of new-age brides across regions, there is something unique for every bride to complement her unique entry.”

The Brides of India campaign is currently in its ninth edition.

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