Anusha Sareen: Miss Middlesex 2018 and Miss India UK Finalist

Miss Middlesex 2018 winner Anusha Sareen gives shares her intel on pageant life, hopes for miss India UK and her beauty tips!

Miss Middlesex Miss India UK f

"I find icons in women that are not only beautiful but independent and talented too."

Born as Anusha Sareen in North London, this young woman started to pursue her dream by competing and winning the title, Miss Middlesex Beauty Queen 2018.

This marked the passionate start for Anusha to explore and discover beauty secrets. With South Asian role models like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as a guidepost in her journey.

Anusha used this opportunity to develop her portfolio as a British South Asian woman in the pageant industry.

With the Miss Middlesex crown to her name, Anusha now has her sights set on Miss India UK, for which she is a finalist.

A driven young woman from the start, Anusha has a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She has also owned her own coffee shop and is pursuing other entrepreneurial businesses alongside her pageant involvement.

DESIBlitz had the chance to speak exclusively with, the pageant queen. We found out her beauty tips, her take on Social Media and her experiences as a British South Asian woman in the pageant industry.

Who is Anusha Sareen?

Miss Middlesex Miss India UK -in article

Anusha Sareen living in the UK, is a Biomedical Sciences graduate from Aston University in Birmingham. She is a self-starter.

Having run her own coffee shop and now looking into venturing into textiles.

With such varied interests, we were curious how Anusha got started in the pageant industry.

“When I was 19, I first entered Miss England – as a new model on the scene I discovered the entrance pageant. I was inspired by many of the women who represented their counties.

“7 years later, as an older woman, with much more purpose and understanding of herself.  I decided I wanted to re-enter to reignite this fire inside.

“Something that urged me to spread this sense of empowerment in young women, and remind my peers that beauty pageants are not what they used to be.”

An energetic and driven young woman such as Anusha entered the pageant game to empower young women. A noble cause in itself, it begged the question who were Anusha’s beauty and style inspirations?  Who did she look up to?

“I find so many women to be beauty icons nowadays. I can’t deny I love Lady Gaga for her edge and talent.

“Alongside Nicole Scherzinger and of course Manushi Chhillar. I find icons in women that are not only beautiful but independent and talented too.”

A mixed assortment of muses for her beauty and style role models, Anusha herself seems very experimental with her style and beauty choices.

Anusha reflected on her favourite beauty and style choice to date:

“My favourite beauty look to date? That’s such a hard question. Fashion is constantly changing and so every year my favourite looks also change!

“I adore crop tops with high waisted pants – it can be really classy but show off your gym abs too ha! Oh and fluffy things! Always fluffy things.”

Beauty Tips

In article- Anusha Beauty tips Miss Middlesex Miss India UK

Pageants can involve lengthy events for which long-wear makeup is essential. It can also take a toll on your skin.

Anusha filled us in on her beauty team, tips and skincare regime. All of which combines to make her pageant perfect:

“Luckily I have had my amazing makeup artist – Simmi from The Beauty Room in Slough, who has been my MUA at pageants – creating flawless looks that have last all day! I can’t tell you her secrets, unfortunately!

“My three beauty tips would be health related:

  • Stay hydrated, water means good skin and good energy!
  • Keep a balanced diet, nutrition is everything and gives you the power to stay focused.
  • Work out, however you prefer, dance…swim…run, your body is your temple.”

Any beauty expert you speak to will always stress the importance of skin care. After all, this is the canvas we pain on and it is with us for life, we should treat it with care.

Anusha revealed to DESIblitz, her skincare routine and some products!

“My skincare routine includes products from Kiehls, Ren and also Vee Beauty – they include probiotic exfoliation, vegan eyecare and organic rosehip oils for rejuvenating skin.”

Using Social Media

In article image- Social Media Miss Middlesex Miss India UK

With the growth of social media, filters and the pressure to always appear the best version of yourself at all times.

Anusha gave us her stance on social media as a medium and how she uses it for her pageantry involvement, be it Miss Middlesex or Miss India UK.  Anusha’s advice for using social media:

“Always try to represent yourself honestly, understand that who you are is good enough.”

“This way you are never having to post for anyone else’s validation. This goes for the young boys and older generations too.”

Solid advice for the current selfie crazed individuals, Anusha dug a bit deeper and explained how she herself uses social media.

“Social media was first introduced to me around the Hi5, MySpace days…it’s come a long way! Social media has been a great means to share my updates, my story and inspire others to also contribute within their own communities.

“It has also been great to join partnerships, helping small businesses grow whilst being able to create lasting friendships too.”

Anusha highlights how social media while being a fun way of keeping up with friends can be informative and even useful as a business tool.

South Asians in the Beauty Industry

In article- Miss Middlesex Miss India UK

With the cultural stereotypes of South Asians being more conservative, Anusha did some debunking to enlighten everyone on her experiences within the pageant industry.

“The pageant industry is still growing and adapting. Just like with any industry there are always elements of restrictions and negativity.

“The important thing is to focus on the positives, and where possible, try to work within the restrictions as long as they don’t compromise on your own values!”

Many Bollywood actresses including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta had their beginnings in pageants. Anusha explains how Mrs Bachchan inspired her in her journey:

“Aishwarya Rai, a previous Miss World winner, has always been an inspiration.”

“With her humanitarian projects, alongside her performing skills. She is a gifted beauty, inside and out.”

Finally, Anusha gave some sage advice to any young women who have the aspiration or desire to become involved in the pageant industry:

“I would advise them to be confident of their reasons for entering. What they aim to achieve, what they would like to do with the title.

“Being aware of yourself is crucial and having a plan of action. Entering without the mindset of winning is coming in unprepared.

“I would also advise them to enjoy absolutely every minute, often the women you meet are so similar to us, they want to create change, become inspirational leaders and they are women that end up being your close friends!”

Anusha will be preparing to compete in the finals of Miss India UK and we here, at DESIblitz wish her the best of luck!

Jasneet Kaur Bagri - Jas is a Social Policy graduate. She loves to read, write and travel; gathering as much insight into the world and how it works. Her motto derives from her favourite philosopher Auguste Comte, "Ideas govern the world, or throw it into chaos."

Images courtesy of Anusha Sareen and Anusha Sareen's instagram

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