Mallika Sherawat reveals Media Treatment for Bold Scenes

Mallika Sherawat has opened up on being targeted by the media for doing bold scenes while her male co-stars were never questioned.

Mallika Sherawat reveals Media Treatment for Bold Scenes f

"It's always the women who are always targeted"

Mallika Sherawat has spoken about being targeted by the media for doing bold scenes in films.

She pointed out that meanwhile, her male co-stars were never questioned for doing bold scenes.

The actress, who was one of the first to perform bold scenes within Bollywood, believes it is a sign of a patriarchal society that men are able to get away with doing the same things that women are targeted for.

However, Mallika admitted that things have progressed and that “frontal nudity” is considered artistic in some films these days.

On why she was targeted for performing such scenes, and never her male co-stars, Mallika told BollywoodLife:

“That’s what the patriarchal system is.

“It’s always the women who are always targeted, not the men.

“Not only in India, but that’s all over the world. Men walk away with everything, they can get away with everything, it’s like they (those who target) blame the woman for everything.

“I don’t know why, but more so in India, I feel. I also think the society wasn’t evolved, people would think differently.

“Plus, the media didn’t support such scenes earlier, a certain section of the media.”

Mallika went on to say that times have changed, with the media being more supportive towards women.

She added: “But now, the media is very, very supportive, especially toward women, and even the society has evolved.

“Actresses now are doing frontal nudity and it’s accepted, it’s considered very artistic.”

Mallika Sherawat had previously spoken about being targeted, recalling that she was once described as a “pornstar” by the media and was called a “fallen woman”.

She also claimed that she was “bullied” out of the country after being targeted by a certain section of the media, mainly women.

Mallika had said: “A certain section of the media was very… They bullied me and harassed me.

“And that really bothered me, because most of them were women.

“Men have never had problems with me. Men have always appreciated me.

“And I couldn’t understand why these women are so against me, and so nasty to me.

“And that made me leave the country for a while because I wanted a break.

“But today they are more accepting of me, and they are more loving, which I’m really enjoying.”

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