Kangana Ranaut Slams Alia Bhatt’s Kanyadaan Ad

Alia Bhatt appeared in an advert about ‘Kanyadaan’. However, Kangana Ranaut was not happy, slamming her fellow Bollywood actress.

Kangana Ranaut Slams Alia Bhatt’s Kanyadaan Ad f

"don’t use religion, minority, majority politics to sell things"

Kangana Ranaut has slammed Alia Bhatt for her latest ad in which she challenges a Hindu wedding tradition.

Bhatt appears in the short ad for celebration clothing brand Mohey discussing the topic of Kanyadaan.

Kanyadaan is a Sanskrit word that is used for the act of giving a daughter away during her wedding, much like in many Western cultures.

However, the Bollywood actress challenges the convention and instead questions why a family should have to give their daughter away at all.

She also changes the word Kanyadaan with Kanyamaan, reversing the roles between man and woman.


Many people on social media said that they had been encouraged to think about the act in a new light.

One person tweeted: “We don’t need to keep defending everything related to Hinduism.

“A woman is not a lifeless object to be given as a gift or donated to someone else.

“Beautiful ad with the right message. Yes to Kanyamaan because even women deserve respect.”

Another commented: “Brilliantly written.”

Another said: “Kanyamaan is absolute luv.”

However, fellow actress Kangana Ranaut was less than impressed.

She shared a lengthy Instagram post along with the caption:

“Humble request to all brands… don’t use religion, minority, majority politics to sell things…

“Stop manipulating naive consumers with shrewd divisive concepts and advertising…”

Others on social media also agreed with Ranaut and shared their thoughts.

One person tweeted: “Indian women aced every field of life from technology, medicine, sports to politics.

“Thousands of stories can showcase their achievements and inspire those who are struggling yet..

“But content creators believe that role reversal in Cadbury ad or Kanyamaan is real empowerment…”

Another user added:

“Woke feminism by drugwood to reform Hinduism.”

“But total silence on cult of Halala, TTT, Polygamy, Iddat, Child marriage that views women as property.”

A third commented: “First it was Hindu festivals & now it’s our practices & customs which are the target of propaganda, cheap PR & adverts. Enough is Enough! #WakeUpHindus”

Responding to the comments, Alia Bhatt said:

“I absolutely believe in this thought and this is something very close to my heart.

“I am glad that I could be a part of this film and convey a message that might bring about a positive change in the society”.

This is not the first time Kangana Ranaut has clashed with Alia Bhatt, previously criticising her acting skills, calling her a product of nepotism and referring to her as Karan Johar’s puppet.

Naina is a journalist interested in Scottish Asian news. She enjoys reading, karate and independent cinema. Her motto is "Live like others don't so you can live like others won't."

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