Laila shares her Life struggles post-Covid

Laila recently made a guest appearance on ‘Lifestyle with Sahiba’ and talked about the tragic life-changing events post-Covid.

Laila shares her Life struggles post-Covid f

Laila talked about the losses she endured in a short span

Appearing on Sahiba Afzal’s show, Laila shared a profound transformation in her life post-Covid.

She opened up about the challenges she faced in the past three to four years.

Laila revealed a personal tragedy that led to her withdrawal from the industry.

Despite her past success and collaborations with industry giants, Laila’s journey took an unexpected turn.

She had been conspicuously absent from the limelight, leaving fans curious and concerned about the hardships she encountered during this period.

Three years ago, she experienced a pivotal moment during Shab-e-Barat.

According to Laila, it steered her back towards her authentic self, shedding the persona of ‘Laila’ from the film industry.

Laila talked about the losses she endured in a short span, losing her mother, father and two brothers.

Especially emotional was the loss of her brother, a makeup artist, who fell victim to slow poisoning.

The sudden loss of her youngest brother and the demise of her family members left her in a state of shock.

To add to her distress, she faced the loss of her home and cars. It plunged her into a state of emotional turmoil, resulting in a nervous breakdown.

Laila expressed gratitude for renowned actor Ahsan Khan. She acknowledged him as the only person who reached out to her after the loss of her home.

Ahsan’s supportive call, offering valuable advice, proved to be a source of comfort and even brought a smile to her face.

In a period when many distanced themselves, Ahsan’s compassion stood out, becoming a beacon of support in Laila’s challenging times.

People have expressed varied opinions about Laila’s story.

One person commented: “You never know when someone would turn back to God. I respect her for changing so much.”

Another wrote: “She is very good of heart.”

One critiqued: “Please keep it between you and God. There is no need to come on social media and tell everyone.

“Especially when you’re still dressed inappropriately. Stop making fun of religion.”

Another said: “God forgives, but people don’t. It was a bad idea to be so vulnerable on television.”

The Pakistani film industry experienced a glorious era marked by iconic stars, and among them was Laila.

She is a celebrated actress who rose to fame just before the industry’s decline.

Laila, a prominent figure who shared the screen with renowned actors like Shaan, Meera and Reema, was a sensation.

She drew crowds that were eager to witness her performances live.

Many controversies and scandals came forth that involved bold photoshoots of Laila. Her dress and poses had been deemed inappropriate.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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