Kangana: Karan Johar is Movie Mafia’s Main Culprit

In her ongoing quest to expose the dark side of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut has claimed that Karan Johar is the movie mafia’s main culprit.

Kangana Karan Johar is Movie Mafia's Main Culprit f

"Karan Johar the main culprit of movie mafia!"

Actress Kangana Ranaut has openly accused Karan Johar of being the main culprit behind Bollywood’s ‘movie mafia’.

Since the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana has been coming out with allegations against Bollywood celebrities and demanding justice.

She has also been vocal about the so-called presence of a Bollywood mafia that runs things and favours star kids over outsiders.

Now Kangana has alleged that filmmaker Karan Johar is “the main culprit” of the Bollywood movie mafia.

She posted a tweet of the allegation, tagging the Prime Minister’s Office.

Kangana wrote: “Karan Johar the main culprit of movie mafia! @PMOIndia even after ruining so many lives and careers he is roaming free no action taken against him, is there any hope for us?

“After all is settled, he and his gang of hyenas will come for me.”

Kangana’s tweet came in response to a social media user who posted:

“Sushant’s GYM Partner is Exposing how Bollywood mafia Karan Johar made Drive Movie just to Trap & block Sushant Singh Rajput from doing further projects in Bollywood.”

In addition to the accusations, Kangana blasted Karan Johar after he announced his first-ever authored children’s book.

The book, titled The Big Thoughts of Little Luv is about the twins Luv and Kush. The book is inspired by his own twins and his experience of parenting.

However, the announcement was not well-received on social media.

Kangana also reacted to it, alleging that the “bloodthirsty vultures of the ‘Bullywood’ mafia killed Sushant, an only son, while Karan was promoting his own children.

She said:

“Karan Johar, Aaditya Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt, Rajeev Masand and the entire army of bloodthirsty vultures the mafia media killed Sushant.”

“The only son of the family succumbed to bullying, exploitation and harassment in Bullywood and here KJO promoting his kids! SHAME.”

Meanwhile, social media users trolled the filmmaker and threatened to boycott his book.

Ever since Sushant’s shocking death, Kangana has been talking about nepotism and favouritism within Bollywood, that is said to promote star kids over outsiders who have worked hard to get into Bollywood.

Kangana also spoke about drugs being common within the industry, claiming that “99% of Bollywood” does drugs.

She had previously tweeted: “If narcotics Control Bureau enters Bullywood, many A-listers will be behind bars if blood tests are conducted many shocking revelations will happen.

“Hope @PMOIndia under watch Bharat mission cleanses the gutter called Bullywood.”

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