Is Lock Upp in Trouble for copying ‘The Jail’?

Just days before the finale, police registered an FIR against Lock Upp creator Ekta Kapoor for allegedly copying ‘The Jail’.

Is Lock Upp in Trouble for copying 'The Jail f

"I am surprised and taken aback by the absolute arrogance"

Hyderabad Police has begun an inquiry into Lock Upp as the show has been accused of copying The Jail.

Since its launch, Lock Upp has been making headlines.

Shivam Sharma, Munawar Faruqui and Prince Narula are in the final.

But just days before the finale on May 7, 2022, the Hyderabad court ordered a complete stay on the series.

In its order, the court has prohibited Ekta Kapoor’s AltBalaji, MX Player, and Endemol Shine from exhibiting Lock Upp on any electronic medium, OTT platform, social media, and other platforms.

The order was passed by the XI Additional Chief Judge at Hyderabad Civil Court on April 29 after conducting a trial and checking the documents of the petitioner, Abdul Haleem Baig aka Sanober Baig.

It is reported that Mr Baig is the sole rights holder of the story of a concept named The Jail.

In the final week of February, the Telangana High Court had set aside the ad-interim injunction granted by the trial court against releasing, exhibiting, and publishing the series.

The injunction was later removed and Mr Baig approached The Supreme Court against the same.

On April 13, The Supreme Court directed the case to the lower courts. The lower court later passed the order.

Speaking about the matter, Mr Baig said:

“I am surprised and taken aback by the absolute arrogance and high-handedness of these three leading organisations – Alt Balaji, MX Player, and Endemol Shine to continue airing the show even after the April 29th Court order.

“They are acting like we all are living in the colonial pre-Independence era.

“The defence councils representing them were present in the open court when the judgment was announced and still, they have not stopped the show which is nearing its finale in the next few days.

“This criminal neglect certainly raises strong suspicions.

“This was not expected from these behemoths – they have made a mockery of the judicial system for their vested commercial interests.”

Mr Baig stated that The Jail was owned by Pride Media with him as the proprietor and was written by Shaantanu Ray and Sheershak Anand.

Mr Baig said it was registered under the copyright act on March 7, 2018, at the Film Writers Association.

In his petition, Mr Baig explained how the concept was developed.

In a statement, he said:

“Shocked that the airing of the show has not stopped, I had to knock on the doors of the police.”

“The Hyderabad Police, after understanding and verifying the situation in detail, have registered an FIR in the matter under sections 420, 406 & 469 of the IPC.

“The FIR dated 4th May 2022 at Kanchanbagh Police Station of Hyderabad and bearing the number 86/22 mentions the details.

“I’m aware that Ekta Kapoor has multiple FIRs against her for objectionable content and indecent representation of the families of the Indian Armed Forces and I’m appalled that the law is being misused by her and her organisation brazenly.

“We have heard the police and the judges bemoan the fact that the rich and the powerful get in the way of the proceedings of the law.

“I believe the bigger a person is – the more responsibility they have to maintain the law and order.

“There cannot be two sets of laws – one for the powerful and one for the ordinary citizens.

“As we celebrate the 75 years of democratic governance in India, the trust of ordinary citizens in institutions such as the police and judiciary should not be broken.

“I am sure that due to our persistent efforts; eventually, there will be a fair trial and prosecution of the accused who are seated in powerful chairs.”

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