Indian Woman caught Urinating into In-Laws’ Tea

The delicate relationship between an Indian woman and her in-laws turned sour when she was caught urinating into their tea for a whole year!

Indian woman caught urinating into in-laws’ tea

Rekha was very good at concealing her plot, as "she always smiled and offered us tea."

A woman in India confessed to urinating into her in-laws’ tea for an entire year to protest against her controlling in-laws.

Rekha Nagvanshi’s spiteful revenge was busted by her mother-in-law, who allegedly walked into Rekha’s kitchen and found her squatting over a teapot.

Supposed to be serving tea to her in-laws during their regular visit to their home in Indore, Rekha decided to add a little special flavour by urinating into it.

Her in-laws, Suraj and her husband Ajith, were furious at Rekha’s indecent act and utter disrespect to them.

Mother-in-law Suraj said: “We used to go and visit them once or twice a week. And although we knew she didn’t like us, we had no idea she was doing this.”

Indian woman caught urinating into in-laws’ teaApparently, Rekha was very good at concealing her plot as well. According to Suraj, she ‘always smiled and offered us tea and we accepted’.

The parents-in-laws reported the incident to the police, but were turned away due to a lack of cause and backing to build a case. The police also struggled what charge should be used against Rekha.

Suraj and Ajith were shocked to the authorities could not help them, and were determined Rekha should be punished for what she did to them.

Suraj said: “You cannot urinate into someone’s tea for a year and get away with it. We want justice.”

Subsequently, the parents-in-laws opted for a private prosecution. Rekha also separated from Deepak, her husband of eight years.

The couple has a young daughter, but their marriage was reportedly far from blissful. A friend of Rekha’s, Alia Kohli, said: “She was very unhappy with her arranged marriage and said her husband treated her like a slave and eventually she decided she’d had enough.”

The distraught Rekha even left home to stay with her own parents on a few occasions. But the thought of abandoning her daughter was too much to bear. So Rekha always returned to her allegedly abusive husband, but not without conditions.

Alia continued to provide details of the couple’s broken relationship, saying: “After moving out, he begged her to go back for the sake of their four-year-old daughter. She agreed but only if he cooked for her, massaged her feet and did all the washing up.”

Indian woman caught urinating into in-laws’ teaWhile most would see this as a reasonable deal, especially in light of Deepak’s poor treatment of Rekha, her parents-in-laws were horrified by such an arrangement.

Alia described the in-laws were extremely displeased with how Rekha took control over their son.

Alia said: “[Deepak] seemed fine with it, but [Suraj and Ajith] went mental and accused her of treating him like a slave.”

The in-laws further intervened with the couple’s marriage by stopping Deepak from helping out with any household chores:

“Rekha is strong-minded and likes to be independent. The thought of being dictated by his parents was just too much for her.”

She added: “So I guess that’s when she decided to start doing what she did, and urinating in their tea.”

Rekha is not alone in her struggle. The popularity of an arranged marriage coupled with the role of Asian women in society has often resulted in a less than harmonious interaction with the in-laws.

But Rekha’s act of rebellion by peeing into her in-laws’ tea is certainly a unique one, and not something her family will forget anytime soon!

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