Indian Man gets Beaten for Urinating on ‘Area’ of Attackers

A 25-year-old Indian man from Bengaluru was beaten by two men for urinating in a spot which they claimed was their “area”.

Indian Man gets Beaten for Urinating on 'Area' of Attackers f

"they assaulted me badly and I suffered a serious injury on my eye."

An Indian man, identified as Shravan, of Halasuru, Bengaluru, was assaulted by two men after he urinated in a spot which they claimed was their “area”.

The incident happened on July 17, 2019. The 25-year-old businessman was on his way home after several meetings with clients.

Shravan explained that he stopped near a rubbish dump to go to the toilet at around 11:45 pm.

After he had finished, the man was returning to his bike when he was approached by two men. Shravan claimed they were high on an unknown substance.

The men have been identified as 27-year-old Honey Singh and Nawal Joshi, aged 28.

Shravan said the men asked him why he urinated in “their area”. A confused Shravan ignored them and continued to walk towards his bike.

Singh and Joshi snatched the bike key which Shravan had left in the ignition. They began arguing with him as to why he entered the area.

The Indian man explained that he desperately needed the toilet, hence he chose to go near the rubbish dump.

Singh and Joshi then assaulted Shravan using a pipe that was on the road. Shravan was also hit with a stone.

The victim called for help but no one was there. Shravan eventually managed to escape after the 10-minute assault.

He made his way to Halasuru Police Station where he filed a complaint.

Shravan told the Bangalore Mirror: “They both were not normal. Without good reason, they picked a fight with me.

“I urinated in a place where garbage was dumped and it was not close to any one’s residence. Despite this, the two questioned me over my actions.

“Later they assaulted me badly and I suffered a serious injury on my eye.

“When I reached the police station, I was bleeding profusely and the police officials took me to a nearby hospital.

“It’s really shocking that these type of incidents, where people who are high on drugs and assaulting people for fun, are happening in Bengaluru.

“What would have happened if a girl was present there? Bengaluru is not safe at nights anymore.”

A police official confirmed that Singh and Joshi were arrested and taken into custody.

He said: “The accused have been taken into custody.

“The accused told us that the complainant urinated in front of their house and this was the reason for the fight.

“The accused were drunk too but no marijuana was found in the medical report.”

An FIR was registered against Singh and Joshi. They were charged under the sections of voluntarily causing hurt and voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons of the Indian Penal Code.

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