Indian Woman arrested for Kidnapping and Beating her Stalker

An Indian IT software engineer and her friends have been arrested for beating and thrashing a man who was stalking and harassing her.

Indian Woman arrested for Kidnapping and Beating her Stalker f

"the woman without seeking the help of police planned the kidnap"

An Indian woman, named Divya, aged 24, was arrested and booked by police in Gopalapuram, Chennai, for the attempted murder of her stalker, a man who worked as a carpenter.

Divya, an IT software engineer along with her five friends conjured a plan to kidnap Sai Kumar, who had been harassing and stalking her and teach him a lesson.

Police say, Kumar had been sending her WhatsApp messages and constantly calling her on her mobile phone for several days despite being told by Divya to leave her alone.

Inspector Gopalapuram, M Niranjan Reddy said:

“A friend of the woman is constructing a house at Borabanda and the carpenter got the mobile number of Divya from there.

“After collecting the number, the man started harassing her following which the woman without seeking the help of police planned the kidnap with the help of her friends.”

Kumar had seen Divya at her friend’s house where he was doing carpentry after which he started to pursue her by stalking her after getting he number.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, Divya called Kumar to ‘meet him’ on the SD Road in Secunderabad, Chennai. When he arrived, Divya and her friends kidnapped him, forcing him onto one of their motorcycles.

Held down, they took Kumar to an isolated place in Lalapet where Divya beat and thrashed him along her he friends for stalking her.

Then they rode to another area of Malkajgiri, where they took Kumar, and Divya gave him another beating where he sustained many injuries. At which point, beaten ‘black and blue’, he managed to scramble and escape from the place and ran looking for a hospital.

Kumar admitted himself at Gandhi Hospital where he was attended to for his injuries.

Police took a statement from him at the hospital, where he is recovering.

Subsequently, Divya and her friends were arrested on Thursday, January 31, 2019, for a case of kidnapping and attempt to commit murder.

Whilst in custody, the police launched a full investigation into the case to determine exactly what took place and what led to Divya taking the law into her own hands and not seeking police assistance.

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