Hina Khan opens up about Her Stalker Ordeal

Upcoming Bollywood actress, Hina Khan has disclosed the dreadful time she was stalked by a man who constantly pestered her over the phone.

Hina Khan opens up about Her Stalker Ordeal f

“I used to fret leaving the house at that time."

Indian actress Hina Khan has recalled the torment she faced while being stalked as her stalker continued to contact her from numerous numbers.

The stalker sent various videos to Hina of himself howling. The actress continued to block the number; however, the stalker would get back into contact with Hina.

According to an interview with Pinkvilla, Hina Khan explained how her stalker would continuously harass her. She said:

“There are stalkers since we are public figures and people love us. So, there have been instances where fans stand in front of your building for days.

“But it is okay. But there is this guy who still exists. This guy started off by sending messages. I don’t know him and he started sending me long videos where he is howling.

“You would start feeling for him and I texted back saying he needs to chill and that he needs to understand. But he didn’t.”

Hina continued to mention how her stalker would threaten her with self-harm. She said:

“He started threatening me that he will slit his wrists or leave the house and I got scared. He used to leave me messages saying he will meet me at 1pm but how, who, where, nothing at all.

“I used to fret leaving the house at that time. He has changed numbers almost twenty numbers. Recently again, I blocked his number.”

Hina Khan opens up about Her Stalker Ordeal - hacked

On the work front, Hina Khan is set to make her Bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt’s Hacked (2020).

The psychological thriller film revolves around the story of cybercrime. Hina Khan further adds that her upcoming film highlights the atrocities against women. She said:

“As a woman, this story was important for me. Hacking and stalking can happen with anyone but women are subjected to it more.

“Men don’t get stalked as much as women do. Also, women don’t open up about it.”

Hina added that she was doubtful regarding the film as it was a subject that had not been explored before. She said:

“Initially, I was sceptical to take up a subject that has never been touched before. Stalking is not even taken seriously as a crime.

“People casually talk about stalking. You speak about any woman who has dealt with it, her life is miserable.

“With this film, if I’m able to give some strength to women out there, I will be more than happy.”

We hope Hina Khan’s upcoming film Hacked (2020) will make a difference for many women who have been a victim of cybercrime and stalking.

Hacked is due to hit the big screen on February 7, 2020.

Watch the Trailer to Hacked Here


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