Indian Man regrets Letting Wife have Affair

An Indian man took to Reddit to complain about his wife having an affair despite him giving her permission to do so.

Indian Man regrets Letting Wife have Affair f

"Of course, it didn't stop there."

In a strange instance, an Indian man complained about his wife having an affair after giving her permission to do so.

The man detailed his problem on Reddit under the subreddit r/India.

He revealed that he is 25 years old while his wife is 24. They had been married since early 2021 in what was an arranged marriage.

But due to their work, they live apart in different cities.

The man explained that this prevented them from spending much time with each other but they regularly called and texted each other.

One day, his wife told him that a man at her office was flirting with her.

Under the name u/Sea_Education2581, he said: “After a few months she tells me casually that a guy from her office is meeting with her regularly and maybe borderline flirting.

“Given her past, I knew she would know how to handle this.

“A few days later, she tells me that he is ‘kind of cute’.

Claiming to be “open-minded”, the man told his wife to have an affair with her co-worker.

“Slowly I realise, she is interested in him as well.

“Since I wasn’t physically there with her, I, being an open-minded a**hole, told her to go ahead with him if she is interested (big mistake).

“She was shocked and changed the topic. A few days down the line, she asked me again if I meant what I said. I told her, she can go ahead if it’s a casual fun relationship (thought that it would make her happy, given our LDR).

“She assured me, it will just be movie or lunch dates and NOTHING more than that and I was completely fine with that.”

However, the casual dates quickly turned into sexual meetups and then into a live-in relationship.

He continued: “Of course, it didn’t stop there.

“They would eventually make out, cuddle and have regular sex as well.

“Now she practically lives with him. We are still in separate cities.”

Regretting his actions, the man now does not know what to do.

“I don’t know what to do at this point, this is not what I wanted.

“I am trying to move to her city, but Idk if things would change.

“I have got attached to her and I don’t want to divorce. Even if I do divorce her, I would end up paying a lot in settlements.

“At this young age, it feels my life has been completely ruined.”

Admitting to fellow Reddit users that it is his fault, the man added:

“For all those who are asking, I let her do it so it’s my fault.

“I let her cause I had a feeling she was going for it either way.

“If I would have stopped her, I felt it would make her bond stronger with him.

“I thought this fling would be over once they meet for few times for coffee or lunch.”

Unsurprisingly, the man’s predicament left Reddit users shocked.

One said: “WTF did I just read.”

Another believed the man would not need to pay any settlements but stated that his actions were “foolish”.

“If you have evidence of all this then there will be no divorce settlement involved.

“Although I must say this is probably one of the most foolish things I have ever read or heard.”

One user told the man to have his own affair, writing: “You get a GF for yourself.”

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