Indian Man killed after receiving SMS from Married Woman

In a shocking incident, a 24-year-old Indian man from Jharkhand was killed shortly after receiving an SMS from a married woman.

Indian Man killed after receiving SMS from Married Woman f

He took matters into his own hands

An SMS message is believed to have led to the killing of an Indian man in Jharkhand.

The victim received a message from a married woman. Shortly after, he was stabbed.

Although it is not currently known, there have been numerous cases of people taking extreme action after suspecting that their spouse was having an affair.

Violence and even murder have been committed against alleged lovers and sometimes, the spouse.

The incident in Jharkhand has led to anger among the family and villagers. They blocked several roads and have demanded the police to arrest the suspect.

Police have identified the victim as 24-year-old Mohammad Salman Ansari.

On Sunday, February 23, 2020, Ansari received a ‘Good Morning’ greeting SMS from a woman who was the wife of Mohammad Faisal.

The same message was seen by Faisal on his wife’s phone.

Although this has not been confirmed, the message implied that Faisal’s wife and Ansari were in touch with each other.

Faisal was a resident of Barkagaon in the Chandauli district. He found out that the message was sent to Ansari, a resident of Sultana village.

Faisal was angered by the message and decided to visit Sultana on February 25.

He went with his brother Aslam, father-in-law Mohammed Kaleem and his friends, including Muhammad Hadish.

When they arrived at the village, they went to Ansari’s house and greeted him before inquiring about the message.

This resulted in a commotion and a village council (panchayat) meeting was called immediately. A discussion commenced about the incident.

During the meeting, an argument broke out between the involved parties. This led to Faisal becoming enraged.

He took matters into his own hands and launched a frenzied knife attack on Ansari, stabbing him several times.

Following the attack, Faisal and his associates fled the scene.

Ansari was left seriously injured. He was rushed to Hazaribagh Sadar Hospital for treatment.

Due to the severity of his injuries, he was referred to Rheims. Ansari underwent treatment on February 25, however, he later died.

Following his death, Ansari’s family and villagers demanded justice.

The family and villagers created a blockade on the Hazaribagh-Simaria road. Meanwhile, angry villagers tried to cause trouble by visiting the in-laws of the accused.

Barkagaon police’s SDPO Bhupendra Rawat, Katkamdag BDO, CO Jitendra Kumar Mandal and Katkamdag police reached the blockade area and ensured that they will arrest the killer soon.

After four hours of trying, police officers managed to dismantle the blockade and calm the situation down.

Villagers told police that Ansari was married 15 days before his death.

The SMS he received from Faisal’s wife was recalled by the Indian man’s wife under his friend’s name.

In relation to the crime, SDPO Rawat explained that the panchayat was being held regarding the dispute over the SMS message. During this time, the knife attack took place.

The investigation is ongoing and police will take action against those responsible.

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