Indian Husband attacked Wife after She Left for Lover

An Indian husband from Gujarat carried out a brutal attack on his wife when he found out that she had left him for her lover.

Indian Husband attacked Wife after She Left for Lover f

Arvind locked the door and took a cutter out

A police case has been registered against an Indian husband after he violently attacked his wife for leaving him for her lover.

The incident happened in the city of Amreli, Gujarat.

The husband used a cutter to slash his wife multiple times all over her body after luring her to the family home. The attack left the victim seriously injured.

Police have identified the suspect as Arvind while the victim was named as Aarti Shukla.

Aarti used to work at a diamond factory in Varachha, an area known for diamond cutting and polishing. During her time there, she got to know a man named Raj Sha, who also worked there.

They took a liking to each other and eventually got into a relationship. Soon after, Aarti began staying at Raj’s house.

Meanwhile, Aarti’s relationship with her husband was not a good one and was on the verge of divorce.

She wanted to marry Raj but did not tell Arvind about it.

Aarti left her job when her husband pressured her to do so. Despite this, she continued to see her lover.

Arvind found out that his wife had left him for her lover when he spotted them out together.

This angered the Indian husband and decided to take matters into his own hands. He came up with a plan to lure her by claiming that he was finalising their divorce.

On the day of the attack, after Arvind dropped his son off at school, he called Aarti.

He told her to pick up her luggage and went on to say that a divorce will be granted soon after speaking to a lawyer.

She arrived at the house with her lover and began packing her stuff. Meanwhile, Arvind arranged for a taxi to take Raj home.

However, as soon as Raj left, Arvind locked the door and took a cutter out from his pocket.

He slashed his wife across the hand, causing her to scream. Arvind continued attacking her, cutting her hands, face, legs and body.

A bloodied Aarti continued to scream before collapsing. Locals heard what was going on and managed to break down the door.

They managed to rescue Aarti, however, Arvind fled the scene.

Aarti was rushed to a hospital where she remains in a critical condition, having suffered 20 injuries on her body.

Based on statements from the locals, police registered an attempted murder case against Arvind.

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