Humaima Malick trolled over her Towel Photos

Humaima Malick has become the subject of criticism after she posted photos of herself wearing a black towel.

Humaima Malick trolled over her Towel Photos f

"now all I see are her bold photos.”

Humaima Malick is facing severe online backlash for posting photos in just a towel.

Lately, the actress has been making headlines for her bold fashion choices and frequent sharing of glamorous photos on her Instagram.

Among her latest posts are images of herself draped in a black towel. A smaller towel was wrapped around her head.

It was paired with a stylish jacket, presumably taken during a visit to the salon or spa.

Humaima struck a sultry pose in front of a mirror whilst holding up the towel.

However, not all of Humaima Malick’s fans have reacted positively to these posts.

Some have expressed disappointment and disapproval, questioning her decision to share what they perceive as private moments on a public platform.

According to social media users, the photos were quite inappropriate.

One fan lamented: “I started following Humaima Malick for her talent and skills, but now all I see are her bold photos.”

Individuals called for her to focus on her professional work rather than her personal life.

Many social media users raised concern, directing their comments towards her brother Feroze Khan.

One of them asked: “Where is her brother now?”

Moreover, some fans have commented on the timing of these posts, citing Ramadan which had just ended.

One fan remarked: “This is what they start to do soon after Ramadan.”

In addition, there is a prevailing sentiment among certain fans.

They believe that celebrities, including Humaima Malick, resort to bold dressing and sensationalism to gain attention and stay relevant in the media.

One fan expressed this view, stating: “They have found out new ways of getting famous; they dress like this and get featured in the news.”

A user wrote: “As a public figure, her actions and choices are subject to scrutiny and interpretation. She should be careful of what she posts.”

Another added:

“Why is she even wearing the bathrobe? She has barely left anything to the imagination.”

Another commented: “Cheap way to get fame.”

One noted: “She should be a mother of four by now. She is trying so hard to look young.”

Another asked: “Does she think she looks good? This is the most ugly thing I have seen in a long time. It is actually repulsive.”

Despite the criticism and differing opinions among her fan base, Humaima Malick’s popularity remains strong.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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