Did Rakhi Sawant leak Ex-Husband’s Sextape?

Rakhi Sawant and her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani continue to be embroiled in a legal battle as she is accused of leaking his explicit video.

Why has Rakhi Sawant's Husband been Arrested f

Rakhi aired the explicit video on a TV talk show

Rakhi Sawant is facing accusations that she leaked an explicit video of her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani.

Following the deterioration of their relationship, the pair have been levelling serious allegations against each other.

Adil has now claimed that Rakhi shared an explicit video of him online.

Facing arrest, Rakhi took the matter to the Supreme Court, seeking anticipatory bail.

However, the Supreme Court rejected her appeal. She has now been ordered to appear in the lower court in four weeks to face the accusations.

The Bombay High Court previously dismissed her plea, prompting Rakhi to approach the Supreme Court.

A hearing on April 22, 2024, will determine the course of action and whether she will be arrested.

The accusations span sections 500 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, dealing with defamation and accomplice involvement in criminal intent, respectively.

Section 67A of the Information Technology Act has also been cited for publishing sexually explicit material electronically.

According to the FIR, Rakhi aired the explicit video on a TV talk show and went on to share it on WhatsApp and other platforms.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant’s legal team has insisted that it is difficult to identify any sexual content in the video because it is of low quality.

Rakhi’s medical issues, including the requirement for surgeries, have been mentioned as justifications for avoiding questioning while in custody.

Despite these arguments, the demand for her phone as part of the investigation remains contentious, given her status as a public figure.

Rakhi and Adil’s public exchanges have continued since the end of their marriage.

In August 2023, Rakhi claimed Adil spent six months in jail after his “Iranian” girlfriend filed a police case against him.

She claimed: “Is everybody not aware that the last few months that he was in jail wasn’t because of Rakhi Sawant?

“His Irani girlfriend filed a rape case against him there. He wasn’t there because of me.”

She said her case against Adil resulted in him spending 22 days in prison before claiming that she caught him having sex with women and men.

Rakhi continued: “For me, he was in jail for 22 days because he beat me up, tortured me.

“I saw in my house he was having sex with other girls, with men too.

“He tried to beat me in Dubai, here too. I was silent.”

Rakhi has also accused him of assault, stealing money and jewellery as well as forcing her to have sex with him and harassment for dowry.

Meanwhile, Adil refuted the allegations and said he was being “framed” by her.

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