Hira Mani performs at MQM-P Event in Karachi

Hira Mani showed up at MQM-P’s celebratory event in Karachi and performed the song from her hit drama serial ‘Do Bol’.

Hira Mani performs at MQM-P Celebration in Karachi f

"Now all of us will live in Karachi in peace."

Hira Mani performed at the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) celebration in Karachi.

The celebration comes as millions of Pakistanis await the 2024 general election outcome.

A brief video clip circulating on the internet features Hira Mani attending the event with her husband Salman Saqib Sheikh.

Taking the microphone from her husband, Hira energised the crowd with a slogan praising party leader Mustafa Kamal.

Hira said: “All of us sisters, mothers and women, our brother is here, and he is Mustafa Kamal.

“Now all of us will live in Karachi in peace.

“Our roads will be built. We will get our rights and we will live with courage because now Karachi has Mustafa Kamal.”

Stepping onto the stage amid resounding cheers, Hira’s husband, Mani, conveyed his congratulations to MQM-P, expressing his astonishment.

He said: “I never anticipated being part of an MQM event.

“Throughout my life, I opposed MQM, but there’s one person who brought me here, who consistently guides me to new horizons – that’s Mustafa Kamal.”

Hira Mani’s attendance at the MQM event brought a unique layer to the festivities, imbuing it with cultural opulence and artistic passion.

Her involvement not only showcased her artistic talent but also emphasised the interconnection between the realms of entertainment and politics.

Wrapping up her short address, Hira began to perform the title song from her 2019 hit drama series Do Bol.

@galaxylollywood Hira Mani steals the spotlight at Mustafa Kamal’s MQM success rally, with a performance of ‘Do Bol’ title track. #HiraMani #MustafaKamal #GalaxyLollywood #foryou #fyp ? original sound – Galaxy Lollywood

The actor warmly invited everyone to join her in serenading the jubilant crowd, creating a joyous and participatory atmosphere.

The clip quickly went viral and many comments surfaced.

Film star Mishi Khan said: “Shame on them. Shows their mentality and worst vocal skills.”

Others had similar views.

One said: “The society is not going to forgive you for supporting MQM.”

Another wrote:

“Everyone knows that MQM did not legally win. Good luck getting your fans back after this affiliation.”

One commented: “Never liked her. The illiteracy and lack of intellect show over her.”

Many trolled Hira’s singing skills.

One asked: “Who told her that she can sing?”

Another remarked: “It is so bad I want to cut my ears off.”

One said: “One drama of hers got famous, and she won’t stop blabbing its song every chance she gets at any platform. The drama literally got famous cause of the song.”

Many are claiming that Hira Mani getting involved in politics is not going to end well.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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