Farhan Akhtar working on ‘Ms Marvel’ TV Series?

Farhan Akhtar is reportedly set to work on an upcoming Marvel project. Is it the Ms Marvel television series?

Farhan Akhtar working on 'Ms Marvel' TV Series_ f

“Farhan is currently stationed in Bangkok"

Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar is reportedly set to collaborate with Marvel Studios. This comes as he is believed to have travelled to Bangkok, Thailand.

Apparently, he is filming with the international cast and crew for the project.

Details on the project are unknown but Farhan may be working on the upcoming Ms Marvel series.

It is worth noting that it was previously announced that extra filming of Ms Marvel would take place in Thailand from March 2021.

The combination of Farhan reportedly travelling to Thailand and Ms Marvel being filmed there indicates that he is set to join the cast.

However, a source did not reveal the project.

The source told E Times:

“Farhan is currently stationed in Bangkok, along with an international cast and crew, for the shoot of a project with Marvel Studios, who are known to be one of the biggest film studios worldwide.”

The source added: “All other details of the project are strictly under wraps.”

Despite the speculation, Farhan’s publicist said “they have no information on this project”.

Only time will tell whether Farhan Akhtar is actually working on a Marvel project or not.

Ms Marvel sees Iman Vellani play Kamala Khan, also known as Ms Marvel. She has the ability to shapeshift at will.

The series will premiere in late 2021 on Disney+.

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for Marvel Studios.

In 2019, filmmaker Joe Russo visited the country to promote Avengers: Endgame.

He previously said: “It [India] is incredibly important. It is the fastest-growing market in the world for Marvel.

“It is so important that this is the first stop of the press tour for the film.”

“There was a recording of an Indian audience watching Infinity War and the moment Thor lands, the cheers sounded like a football stadium.

“We used to play that recording whenever we would get tired (working) on Endgame because it took us two years to make that movie.

“We would just play that recording and get re-inspired.

“This response from the audience is why we make these movies. We know there is an exciting fanbase here.”

Farhan Akhtar is also getting ready for the release of Toofan, where he plays a boxer.

The actor showed off his muscular physique for the film and his trainer, Darrell Foster, praised Farhan’s work ethic, saying:

“Farhan has experienced and gone through various physicalities in order to be authentic.

“Through my research and when I met him in person, I got to know that he is a world-class actor, filmmaker, and producer.

“So I wasn’t surprised that he could transfer that work ethic, professionalism and dedication to this project.

“What did surprise me was his humbleness and his willingness to do what it takes in order for us to not sacrifice anything for this film.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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