Fan bursts into Tears as She meets Mahira Khan

A meeting with Mahira Khan became overwhelming for one fan, who was seen bursting into tears upon meeting the actress.

Fan bursts into Tears as She meets Mahira Khan f

the emotional fan desperately tries not to cry again.

A fan was left in tears after meeting her idol Mahira Khan.

The actress was at an event meeting and taking pictures with fans. But for one fan, the moment was too overwhelming and she burst into tears.

A video shows the fan crying while Mahira tries to comfort her.

Meanwhile, a man in the background is heard saying:

“You don’t want to be crying in your picture.”

Holding the fan’s hands, Mahira continues to reassure her, telling her: “Stay with me.”

She then gives her a hug, as the fan exclaims:

“Oh my god!”

The young woman tries to compose herself as she holds back tears while taking a picture with the star.

As Mahira smiles for the camera, the emotional fan desperately tries not to cry again.

Mahira smiles at the fan, encouraging her to do the same. She then kisses the young woman on the cheek, causing her to burst into tears again.

The clip ends with Mahira putting her arms around the fan, comforting her in a bid to stop her crying.

The video went viral and it led to a variety of comments.

Some praised Mahira for her kindness towards the emotional fan.

One user wrote: “Always my fav Mahira Khan.”

Another said: “Your kindness and empathy for your fan is something to die for.

“Love you my superstar.”

Some netizens found the fan’s emotional reaction adorable, with one commenting:

“So cute.”

Another comment read: “Just so sweet.”

However, many trolled the fan, accusing her of being overly dramatic.

One said: “Crazy woman.”

Another said:

“Nice of Mahira but what kind of madness is this girl.”

A third posted crying laughter emojis and wrote:

“What is this matter of crying.”

One comment read: “Lol psycho not fan.”

A user said: “Overacting marks are 10 out of 10.”

One user explained how they would react if they were in Mahira’s position.

“Please sorry, but I would be laughing. I would die laughing at this one.”

One person claimed the fan’s behaviour was an attempt to gain internet fame, writing:

“There are many ways to become famous girl. Don’t need to do such s***.”

Another user questioned whether the woman was even a fan of Mahira Khan.

“Fan? She is not even watching Mahira. Just a picture moment.”

One believed the fan’s emotional reaction was starting to annoy the actress.

“Look at Mahira’s face. She is getting irritated.”

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