Ileana D’Cruz’s Pregnancy sparks ‘Who’s the Father?’ Questions

Ileana D’Cruz surprised fans when she made a pregnancy announcement. However, it led to judgemental comments from some netizens.

Ileana D’Cruz's Pregnancy sparks 'Who's the Father' Questions f.

"When did you get married?"

Ileana D’Cruz surprisingly made a pregnancy announcement, however, some social media users began questioning who the father is.

The actress took to social media to announce the news.

On Instagram, Ileana shared a picture of a babygrow that featured the words:

“And so the adventure begins.”

Another image showed a close-up of Ileana wearing a pendant that read “Mama”.

She captioned the post: “Coming soon. Can’t wait to meet you my little darling.”

The surprise announcement led to messages of congratulations.

Ileana’s mother Samira wrote: “Welcome soon to the world my new grand baby. Can’t wait.”

Her sister Farrah said: “Soooooooooooo excited!!! Cannot wait.”

However, the pregnancy announcement led to some netizens asking who the father is.

One user asked: “Are you married who’s the dad?”

Another wrote: “When did you get married?”

A third asked: “Coming from where?”

One judgemental comment read: “Being pregnant without marriage is a badge of honour for celebrities and feminists!!”

Ileana D’Cruz was previously in a relationship with Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone but in August 2019, they split up.

There have been rumours that she is dating Katrina Kaif’s brother Sebastian Laurent Michel. The pair have been seen accompanying Vicky Kaushal and Katrina.

They travelled to the Maldives together and Karan Johar seemingly confirmed their relationship.

Some users took note of the rumours and wondered if Sebastian is the father.

A user wrote: “Wait wasn’t she dating Katrina’s brother? Does that mean Kat is going to be an aunt?”

Fans came to Ileana’s defence, criticising those who are asking such questions and urging them to stop being judgemental.

One said: “People asking if she is married and who’s the father.

“You can have a baby without marrying and it’s her concern who her baby daddy is, none of ours.”

Another said: “Mentally ill society. It’s her choice and her life who the hell are we to judge someone.”

A comment read: “Wow seems like Ileana needs to get permission from so-called society to get pregnant! Grow up, jobless people.”

An angry user said:

“Wtf all I see in the comments is who’s the dad. Like F OFF it’s her business.”

“All you have to do is congratulate her well-being. Stop with the negative comments. Bless you and your child.”

Some pointed out the double standards when it comes to pregnancy.

A user said: “It is amazing how people would congratulate a man opting to be a father out of wedlock and providing for a baby… it considered noble… yet not show any respect, forget congratulating a new mom.

“Having a baby and raising one alters the mother’s life the most… no matter what help or support you have… mother is a mother… with unmatched love and guilt all running as a spiral within you at all times your heart outside your body.

“So big Congratulations @ileana_official. “You are onto embarking on the most beautiful and loved journey yet the hardest one, ahead.

“Kudos and all the best. You will be a great mom.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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