Eloquent Spaces: A Unique Exhibition by Natasha Kumar

‘Eloquent Spaces: Sacred and Secular Indian Architecture’ is an amazing exhibition by artist Natasha Kumar that is being held at Railings Gallery in London.

Eloquent Spaces: A Unique Exhibition by Natasha Kumar f

"It’s more about mood and feeling and the process of reduction"

Artist Natasha Kumar unveils her fantastic exhibition, Eloquent Spaces: Sacred and Secular Indian Architecture at Railings Gallery, Marleybone, London.

Natasha’s exhibition began on October 7, 2019. Eloquent Spaces takes inspiration from collapsing palaces, pillared buildings, fascinating carving and visions in stone.

The artistic presentation captures the spirit of Indian architecture through her unique work on paper. To mark the celebrations of Diwali, she has also created a special handmade piece to reflect new beginnings.

Collectors and art lovers visiting the exhibition will also admire her India specific focus in the work.

Commenting about the relevance of architecture and how her work exceeds creative depictions, Natasha exclusively told DESIblitz:

“It’s about the architecture but it goes beyond drawing and artistic representation. It’s more about mood and feeling and the process of reduction to find the essence of a place..Rasa.”

We take a closer look into Natasha Kumar and her exhibition, Eloquent Spaces.

Eloquent Spaces: A Unique Exhibition by Natasha Kumar - IA 1

Natasha and Spaces

Natasha who was quick off the blocks had her first show at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition at the age of seventeen.

Since then her work has travelled to many London galleries, art fairs and exhibitions, including a 5-moth solo show at Southbank.

As a result, Natasha has developed a widespread following, which includes a select group of collectors from India, UK and across the globe.

The exhibition reflects the spaces and elements that Natasha went to pursue during her journey around North India.

A particular perception, feeling and meaning that Natasha has discovered is transported via dynamic colours, complex design, delicate and strong touches.

Her work is exceptional and sensational as it always comes with a twist.

Eloquent Spaces: A Unique Exhibition by Natasha Kumar - IA 2

New Beginnings and India

Reflecting the spirit of Diwali, her work will take viewers on a journey, highlighting the notions of fortune and success.

The Carved Jali (latticed screen) series, which includes ancient stonework and Rajasthani colours will take people back to the reverberation and strange spaces of Bundi Palace.

The vivid sunbeam penetrates the confidential windows of the ladies quarters in Choti Jali series.

In the Rasa Collection, the conceptual and the real assimilate for a vibrant effect. This relates to the individual concentration of Natasha on the essential North Indian design, the Chhatri (elevated dome-shaped pavilions).

Natasha is a recipient of the Rise Arts International Screen-printing Award, which is adjudicated by artist Harland Miller.

Natasha is very passionate about India, taking inspiration from the country. She comes from a unique sub-continental background. On her paternal side, she is quarter Kashmiri and equally Afghani.

Whereas her mother has links to Derbyshire County in England.

Eloquent Spaces: A Unique Exhibition by Natasha Kumar - IA 3

In her exhibition, Eloquent Spaces, a revolutionary clash of colour and personality is evident.

Other themes emerging include an awareness of place and individuals.

Her work range comprises of many techniques and materials. These include hand-drawn etching, monoprint, screenprint, multi-plate etching, fine detailing, layering, metamorphic rock, work on paper, mushroom gold leaf, rich texture carving, wax-walnut framing, and stamping with gold.

The exhibition is running at the Railings Gallery until October 31, 2019.

For more information about Eloquent Spaces, including opening times please check here.

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