Drunk Solicitor has Racist rant at Mother and Son on Train

A drunken solicitor racially abused mother, Sanaa Shahid and her young son, Zayn, for being in first-class on a train from London to Glasgow.

Drunk Solicitor has Racist rant at Mother and Son on Train

"You're so wonderful wasting police time, Miss and your f****n son."

A former public schoolboy solicitor, Alexander “AJ” MacKinnon whilst on a first-class train journey racially abused a mother and son, Sanaa Shahid and her four-year-old son, Zayn.

On a journey from London to Glasgow, not being comfortable with their presence in first class, the bigotted man ranted at them in the carriage which he claimed as ‘his’.

Sanna a Glasgow-born lawyer herself, shocked by this abusive attack, went on to secretly film the man’s horrific racial behaviour, as mother and son witnessed the rant.

According to the The Daily Record, the incident took place after mother and son were on the way back after seeing her husband, Aftab, who works in London.

Something not expected from a man of his position, this is a vile incident faced by an innocent mother and young child.

Recalling how the incident started, Sanaa says:

“This man started behaving aggressively to my son, telling him to shut up,”

“I said to him that my son hadn’t done anything and then the abuse began. I moved seats to try to get away.”

The ex-company director, MacKinnon went on to say:

“How did you get into first-class? You don’t deserve to be in first class.

“You should be in common class. In fact, you shouldn’t be in this country at all.

“You don’t deserve to be here. Bloody foreigners. Where were you even born?”

Drunk Solicitor has Racist rant at Mother and Son on Train

It’s been revealed that racist MacKinnon is a social media follower of the BNP, the far-right English Defence League and Donald Trump.

Whilst sitting in his seat on the opposing aisle on the train, MacKinnon continued to drink wine from a bottle and claimed ‘not be racist’.

He then makes a call on his phone, telling someone about the incident and continues by saying that “it’s my word against hers” and “the stupid cow does not belong in this country”.

After this point, a Virgin Train manager on the train, on December 29 2016, who hears the abuse at the mother and son, approached MacKinnon and says:

“You see now it’s not just your word, it’s hers, it’s mine as well. Because I heard it all.”

MacKinnon replies: “I wanted you to”.

Then the manager branding him as a racist tells him to get off the train. MacKinnon then shockingly says: “I’m not a racist, I love people, actually.”

When getting ready to get off Mackinnon says:

“You’re so wonderful wasting police time, Miss and your f****n son.”

Watch the video posted by Sanaa Shahid on Twitter:

[jwplayer mediaid=”141699″]

Whilst other passengers in the carriage watched but did not do anything or come to the aid of Mrs Shahid as she confronted him, it was the manager who came to her aid. Whom she praised on Twitter:

Shocked at what took place, Sanna said:

“I was taken aback. I’ve lived in Scotland all my life and nothing of this nature has ever happened to me. I told him straight that he was being racist and the staff on the train heard it.”

The transport police boarded the train at the next stop and arrested and handcuffed Mr MacKinnon. It’s reported, even when the officers interviewed himHe continued with his racist abuse.

The abuse from MacKinnon has left Sanaa distraught. She said:

“I found myself crying a few times in the days afterwards.

“I was just so shocked to encounter this level of racism.

“I was also shocked at the open aggression this man showed towards my son. He is only four years old.”

MacKinnon appeared at Carlisle Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 31st January and admitted to the offence of racially aggravated public order. The outcome of the case was that he was fined £1154, told to pay £50 compensation, a £150 victim surcharge and £85 in court costs.

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Images and video from Sanaa Shahid social media