DJ Nucleya to produce EDM music for Bollywood

Udyan Sagar, better known as DJ Nucleya, will be writing EDM songs for upcoming Bollywood film, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels. DESIblitz has more.

DJ Nucleya to produce EDM music for Bollywood

“I am honoured they fit the bill"

EDM, better known as Electronic Dance Music, is a growing music scene in India, and now, DJ Nucleya will be producing music of this genre for a Bollywood film.

The Bollywood film Sunshine Music Tours and Travels will have EDM featured as the background score for the first time, using an EDM artist.

Shailendra Singh the director of the film has soughted the EDM skills of DJ Nucleya. He is to produce the background music for this film.

About DJ Nucleya

DJ Nucleya is the stage name of Udyan Sagar, who has been a hit with teenagers and young adults for his well-known remixes.

His top hit singles include: ‘Little Lotto’, ‘Heer’, ‘Bass Rani’, ‘Laung Gawacha’ and many more.

The score for this film will include the songs: ‘Aaja’, ‘Mumbai Dance’ and ‘F- K Nucleya’.

DJ Nucleya has previously written songs for ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’ and ‘Let’s Nacho’ for Kapoor and Sons.

His track ‘Mumbai Dance’ was used in the Manoj Bajpayee film, Taandav.

DJ Nuclyea

Sunshine Music Tours and Travels

Nucleya will be giving music to the songs and background score of the film, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels.

“I am honoured they fit the bill,” says the music and mixing desk wizard.

Singh says:

“Nucleya’s album and the chosen tracks do complete justice to the film.”

“He will play a significant role in the background score, which also feature four international musicians.”

This will be the first time that the Delhi-based musician scores the background music for a Hindi film.

Shailendra Singh adds: “The songs have been used at certain points in the film. For instance, there’s an element in the climax where the song, Mumbai Dance, comes in.

“People treat background scores of films rather casually. I believe that if you shut your eyes and don’t see the film, the background score lets you feel it.”

Udyan Sagar (DJ Nucleya) is one of India’s celebrated EDM artists, so the choice by Shailendra Singh will certainly add a new dimension to background scores for Bollywood films.

Here’s trailer for the film:


The film releases from September 2, 2016, inclusive of DJ Nucleya’s music.

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