Katrina Kaif to produce and launch sister Isabel in Bollywood?

Rumours are circulating that Katrina Kaif is planning to become a producer. Not only that, she is reportedly launching her sister Isabel in Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif to produce and launch sister Isabel in Bollywood?

"If there’s anyone who’ll launch her sister in Bollywood, it’ll be Katrina herself"

Katrina Kaif is reportedly planning to launch her sister Isabel in Bollywood with a successful acting career. The popular Bollywood actress has decided to become a producer, following the footsteps of Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma.

It was previously thought that Salman Khan would be the one to kick-start Isabel’s Bollywood career. However, reports have now surfaced, suggesting that Katrina Kaif herself will help sister Isabel in her first Bollywood role.

A source linked to Salman Khan says:

“Katrina and Salman discuss films extensively and are like family to each other. She has shown interest in venturing into film production soon while simultaneously balancing her acting gigs and has been reading scripts, discussing films with her close director friends as well.

“If there’s anyone who’ll launch her sister in a big Bollywood production, it’ll be Katrina herself.”

Isabel has already made a start in acting. Her debut film was a 2014 Canadian comedy called Dr Cabbie and she starred alongside The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar. Jean-Francois Pouliot directed the film and Salman Khan was a co-producer. Kaif’s sister Isabel is also a UK-based model and actress.

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Katrina Kaif appeared proud of sister Isabel in her debut film. When asked about Isabel working in Bollywood, she said:

“She has everything and right now is working [in the English film industry] but if she comes here then yes it will be great.”

One cannot help but think perhaps Katrina has been planning her sister’s Bollywood launch for quite a while.

Rumours surrounding Isabel’s potential Bollywood career began circulating shortly after. Kaif and her sister Isabel began to accompany each other to various events, including those held by Salman Khan. They have attended Bollywood parties and even award ceremonies together.

When asked about her sister Isabel, Katrina gave nothing away: “Nothing has really crystallised yet. I will produce a film one day … soon.”

For now, fans will have to watch this space for Katrina’s production debut as well as her sister Isabel’s Bollywood launch.

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Image courtesy of India Express.

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