Deepika Singh addresses Television Break & New Show

Acclaimed television actress Deepika Singh returned to the small screen after a five-year break. She delved into her sabbatical and new show.

Deepika Singh addresses Television Break & New Show - f

"I never had the fear of being forgotten."

Deepika Singh addressed her five-year sabbatical from television as well as shed light on her new show Mangal Lakshmi (2024).

The actress rose to prominence on the small screen via Diya Aur Baati Hum in 2011.

She remained with the show for its entire duration until 2016 and portrayed Sandhya Rathi.

Sandhya gets married to Sooraj Rathi (Anas Rashid) but dreams of becoming an IPS officer. The show explores how she achieves her goal with Sooraj’s support.

Deepika was loved for her sensitive and remarkable portrayal. Her chemistry with Anas Rashid also garnered acclaim.

Anas had also previously attained fame by playing the older version of the titular character in Dharti Ka Veer Yodha: Prithviraj Chauhan from 2007 to 2009.

Deepika Singh explained why she took a break from television at the peak of her career, saying that her interest in dancing and her pregnancy became priorities:

“Since childhood, I was in awe of classical dancing, I wanted to be an actor, so I did theatre, then Diya Aur Baati Hum happened so fast.

“But during that time, I realised that I wanted to learn classical dance.

“I started learning it in 2014 and got quite involved. After that I became a mother, my interest in classical dancing increased, and I took a sabbatical.

Diya Aur Baati Hum gave me the financial independence to choose what I wanted to do in life.

“I was earning even without doing TV and now I am an expert in Odissi dance.

“So I wanted to do something on TV and luckily this show happened.”

Deepika also spoke about what attracted her to Mangal Lakshmi, in which she plays the central character.

She said: “So far, I have done strong roles, so when I was approached for this, everything was falling into place.

“I finished my expertise and left for this shoot. I was offered some great shows in between, but by choice, I said no to them.

“Financially I am stable in my life, so I chose not to do TV.

“As for Mangal, she is very different from my other characters, the show balances that strong and docile element.

“At one point, Mangal takes a stand against her husband’s humiliation.

“I think this is the best way to bring change in society.”

On being away from the public eye after her appearance in Halala (2019), the star commented:

“I never had the fear of being forgotten. I have always lived in the moment.

“My husband is a director and he would always think how could I be at home and dance for 4 hours, after working for 14 hours in the industry?

“He would tell me that he felt a talented actor is sitting at home and that I should work, but he saw my love for dance too.

“I did a film in between, I thought with dance I could do movies or web shows since they didn’t have a long commitment.

“I was not away from work but from TV. And with social media today, a celebrity has the advantage of being connected with fans.

“Even today I cannot go to a market, because people recognise me, so even though I was not on TV, I was in the public eye.”

Deepika also expressed her happiness at the change Diya Aur Baati Hum brought about:

“I have never been a part of any show that is regressive, Diya Aur Baati Hum brought such a change.

“A lot of girls who thought they would not be able to manage personal and professional life simultaneously changed their lives.

“I have met so many IAS and IPS officers who have seen the show and then chose to take civil service exams.”

“In Rajasthan, women have ditched pallus after the show, they continue with their education after marriage, and traditional ladies have done BED.

“We become actors so that people relate to our work – even Mangal is a character like that.

“People will accept this too because every Indian woman will relate to the suppression that goes on in the families, and they tolerate it for a peaceful life.

“I feel honoured to be a part of this show.”

Mangal Lakshmi premiered on February 27, 2024. It airs on Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Deepika Singh plays a character who battles the hidden conflict in an arranged marriage.

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Image courtesy of Deepika Singh Instagram.

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