Bradford Shimmers with Lights for Akshay Kumar’s GOLD

Bradford landmarks including the City Hall clock tower, are glowing with gold lights to celebrate the release of the Bollywood film ‘Gold’.

akshay kumar gold bradford

Kumar said the film "showcases the dawn of a new era for India."

Akshay Kumar’s Gold releases on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, and to mark the film’s release, shimmering gold lights illuminate Bradford’s city centre buildings and structures.

Landmarks such as Forster Square railway arches and the Margaret McMillan Towers roof glisten in gold lights until Thursday.

The film tells the inspirational story of India’s first Olympic success as an independent nation during the Nazi era.

The release of the film coincides with India’s Independence Day.

Akshay Kumar’s Gold had several scenes filmed in Bradford.

Locations such as Lister Park, Little Germany and Odsal Stadium, where a Royal box was reconstructed, are all prominent in the thrilling film.

Two thousand local extras also feature.

akshay kumar gold bradford extras

The Bradford City of Film worked with the production team, which was based in the city for several months in 2017.

City of Film director David Wilson said:

“It was a great honour to facilitate access to film locations, accommodation and services.

“The scale of filming was huge and a significant boost for the local economy.

“Cast and crew occupied 4,000 bed nights in Bradford hotels over three months.”

bradford akshay kumar gold

Also on Thursday, Bradford’s Light cinema hosts a special screening of Gold. A hockey team involved with this film and other cast members are among the attendees.

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the Indian men’s hockey team winning the country’s first Olympic gold medal.

They defeated the British team on August 12, 1948.

Akshay Kumar, star of many Bollywood hits, portrays Balbir Singh, widely regarded as hockey’s greatest centre-forward, led the Indian team to victory at Wembley a year after Partition.

Kumar said the film “showcases the dawn of a new era for India.”

“It tackles subjects still relevant today.”

“At some stage in life, we have all been that underdog. I want it to create a connection with the audience and that team of 1948, who have cemented their place in history.”

Although the film is primarily a sports drama, it touches upon the birth of India as an independent nation.

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Kumar said:

“Youngsters should know about our history.”

“Gold emphasises the fighting spirit needed for success. Nothing is more magical when that success comes after the blood, sweat and tears you have shed.”

“I’ve always seen sports as the greatest platform for people to come together, fighting for one cause – victory in the true sense.”


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Images courtesy of Telegraph & Argus and GOLD Trailer