Bouncer jailed for Punching Clubgoer Unconscious

A bouncer has received a prison sentence after he punched a clubgoer unconscious who had been waiting in line at a Birmingham nightclub.

Bouncer jailed for Punching Clubgoer Unconscious f

"I’m frightened that it will happen again"

Bouncer Kasar Akram, aged 27, of Saltley, Birmingham, was jailed for 20 months after he kicked, headbutted and punched a reveller unconscious.

Birmingham Crown Court heard he launched the “gratuitous and unprovoked” attack on the defenceless victim as he waited in the VIP queue at PRYZM on Broad Street.

Akram had repeatedly bumped into the man, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, before headbutting him in front of “horrified” clubbers.

The doorman then took the victim to a “confined area” where he punched him unconscious.

It was heard that Akram had been working a meet and greet event for VIP Paul Chuckle, who was due to play a DJ set on the night of November 15, 2018.

The prosecutor Jonathan Barker explained that Akram kept bumping the man.

On the fourth occasion, the man raised his hand to prevent himself from being pushed over.

Mr Barker said: “The defendant said something which resulted in the victim saying ‘you pushed me first’.”

The bouncer then headbutted the man. He kicked and kneed the victim while he was on the floor.

Akram then took the victim to a side area where he was punched unconscious. The victim suffered a cut to his head.

Mr Barker described the effect the incident has had on the victim:

“That incident has affected him financially. Due to these injuries, he lost a week’s wages.

“He said ‘I’ve not been out since this because I’m frightened that it will happen again’ and his confidence has been knocked.”

Akram pleaded to one count of Actual Bodily Harm (ABH).

Will Dudley, defending, said it had been a “busy night” and there had been “scuffles”. Akram, who had just got married at the time, “was having to shout directions at people”.

He said: “Something in the defendant’s mind snapped.”

Mr Dudley went on to say that Akram worked various jobs, was hardworking and volunteered in his community.

He added: “He was a thoroughly respectable young man in his community and he knows he has thrown it away.

“He has to bear the consequences.”

Judge Sarah Buckingham told Akram that the victim “wasn’t being rude or aggressive”.

She said:

“He was merely standing in a queue with his friends waiting to go to a meet and greet.”

“It was a gratuitous attack on a defenceless man.”

Birmingham Mail reported that Kasar Akram was jailed for 20 months on October 24, 2019.

A spokesperson from PRYZM Birmingham said:

“Mr Akram’s behaviour does not reflect the very high standards we expect from our door teams, who are there to protect our customers and we are pleased to see justice has been served.”

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