Bharti Singh accused of hurting Religious Sentiments

A video in which Bharti Singh makes fun of beards has gone viral with many saying that she was disrespectful to the Sikh community.

Bharti Singh accused of hurting Religious Sentiments - f

"I never said that Punjabi people keep beards."

Bharti Singh apologised to fans after she was accused of hurting religious sentiments.

The comedian faced flak after an old video went viral where she makes fun of moustaches and beards, with many saying that she was being disrespectful towards the Sikh community.

In the viral video, Bharti talks to Jasmin Bhasin during her appearance on her comedy series Bharti Ka Show on Shemaroo Comedy.

Bharti says in the video: “What’s wrong with beards and moustaches, they have many benefits.

“Drink milk, and then put the beard in your mouth, you will be able to taste sewaiyaan.

“Many of my friends have gotten married to men with long beards, and spend the entire day removing lice from them.”

After much backlash, Bharti took to Instagram and apologised to fans in a video.

She said: “For the past one or two days, a video has been going viral. People have also sent this to me, sent messages that I have made fun of beards and moustaches.

“Please watch that video, I have not mentioned any religion or any caste in it, or that people of this religion keep such beards and face such problems.”

She continued: “You can watch that video, I never said that Punjabi people keep beards.

“It was a genuine conversation, I was doing comedy with my friend. A lot of people keep beards and moustaches these days.

“But if people from any religion or caste have been hurt by my comments, I apologise to them with folded hands.

“I am a Punjabi myself, born in Amritsar, I will always keep Punjab’s honour and I am proud of being a Punjabi.”

Bharti captioned her video: “I do comedy to make people happy, not to make them unhappy. I am sorry if I hurt anyone, please forgive me.”

Bharti has disabled comments on her post.

Currently, Bharti Singh is the co-host of The Khatra Khatra Show, along with her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa.

The couple welcomed their first child in April 2022.

Bharti also recently shared the immediate changes that the baby has brought into their life.

She noted that the baby, whom they have nicknamed Golla, has become the star in their family.

She said: “It’s a very different feeling. It’s indescribable. You always want to see the baby. I have forgotten the world.

“We call him Golla because he is golu-molu (cuddly).”

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa first met on the sets of Comedy Circus and started dating in 2011, before tying the knot in 2017.

They announced the pregnancy in December 2021 and welcomed the baby on April 3, 2022.

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