Best Products for Gorgeous Long Thick Hair

With so many hair products on the market, DESIblitz rounds up the most effective ones to turn those frizzy dry locks into luscious salon like hair.

Best hair products for gorgeous long thick hair

Castor oil is best used for those who want long hair

Are you finding it frustrating to grow your hair?

Maybe it is long but dry and brittle from the ends? Or maybe you can’t maintain it in a healthy manner?

Women with Asian heritage are known to have thick beautiful hair. But with the growth of modern styles which include bleaching and colouring, having healthy hair is becoming more difficult to maintain.

Using the right products and giving your hair the correct nourishment is the key to luscious and healthy locks.

DESIblitz provides you information on the best products and what they are used for. These products help grow your hair and keep it healthy.

When asking the public about what changes they would like to make in regards to their hair, the majority claimed their preference was to achieve long hair or to simply have smooth hair.

To achieve long hair it’s important to be healthy because it is only healthy hair that grows!

Using natural and organic products are essential as they don’t contain any chemicals which are harsh for your hair.

Here are a few effective products which can turn those frizzy dry locks into smooth luscious unbreakable locks and promote hair growth.


Best hair products for gorgeous long thick hair

Oils are a great way to nourish hair and provide the strength it needs.

Coconut oil is the most popular hair oil going around,it’s versatile uses are the essence of its popularity. It can be used as a moisturiser for skin, an ingredient in food and even as a makeup remover.

Are you aware that coconut oil is the first plant oil ever used?

In regards to hair, it stimulates growth, moisturises dry hair, adds shine and softness, prevents hair breakage and slows down hair loss.

When buying coconut oil opt for 100 percent pure oil. This will be shown in the ingredients list. The purest form of oil will only contain coconut oil. If there are other ingredients involved, it is not 100 percent pure.

All you need to do is massage it into the roots and the ends of hair. You can leave it on overnight, a couple of hours or 30 mins before you wash it off.

We recommend shampooing twice with oils to be completely free of greasy hair afterwards.

It can be found at Tesco for £1.50

Castor oil is best used for those who want long hair. It contains six essential fatty acids which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp increasing hair growth.

Caster oil is quite thick and can be difficult to apply alone on hair so mixing it with coconut oil will be easier.

It is important to focus castor oil on your roots as opposed to your ends as hair grows from the roots.

Black Jamaican castor oil can be found on eBay or Amazon with a price of £13.59.


Best hair products for gorgeous long thick hair

What’s on the inside is as beneficial as what you are applying on the outside. Hairburst is a popular hair product, it contains the essential vitamins one’s body needs in order to grow hair.

This hair product contains Biotin, MSM, Collagen and Silica, all of which contribute to the growth of hair.

Advanced vitamin B complex as well as vitamin A C and D are also included giving the correct nourishment to hair. Nothing artificial is contained and so all ingredients are natural.

Hairburst tested the effect of the hair vitamin on 100 people with all different hair types. After using the hair vitamin for three months, it was found that 98 percent of users noticed faster hair growth after using the product.

The aim of Hairburst is to stimulate hair growth and result in hair which is thicker, shinier, healthier and manageable hair. There is a 4-step process which hair goes through to the achieve the end result.

In the first two weeks, hair will start to feel hydrated. In the first month, hair will begin to grow and condition. In two months, hair will look and feel a lot thicker.

Best hair products for gorgeous long thick hair

Finally, after three months, hair condition will be at its finest and will continue to grow at an optimum level.

Purchasing Hairburst is easy and accessible to anyone as worldwide shipping is available.

Hair vitamins usually contain Biotin which encourages the production of protein and stimulate hair growth. They also contain fatty acids as well as vitamins and Zinc. All of which are essential to maintaining healthy hair.

Most hair vitamins can be pricey but a cheaper alternative are FSC Head High Vitamins. They have a 4-star rating among customers and work incredibly well:

“I was impressed with this item, it really does work, I bought it after reading other views and my hair is beginning to look thick after 3 months of usage,” says one satisfied customer.

Sticking to these hair tips and being patient can make a huge difference. Results aren’t expected to show straight away but if you are determined to have great hair, you can!

Try and avoid heat, have a healthy diet and always use natural products for gorgeous long and thick hair!

Sabiha is a psychology graduate. She is passionate about writing, women empowerment, Indian classical dance, performing and food! Her motto is “we need to teach our women to be somebodies instead of somebody’s”

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