Asian Drug Dealer tried to Hide Evidence of Violent Robbery

Drug dealer, Basit Hussain has been jailed for violently robbing a supermarket and trying to hide the evidence from the police.

Basit Drug Dealer

Drug dealer, Basit Hussain has been sentenced to jail for a violent robbery at a supermarket, and trying to conceal the evidence of it from the police.

The £14,000 raid took place at a Tesco Express store in Bradford, as Hussain tried to hide vital evidence after the frantic robbery.

The 21 year old then tried to escape from the police as he raced off in a black Jaguar car.

He was seen speeding through red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road as he tried to dodge the police.

>While the chase was taking place, Hussain threw a bag with empty cash bags out of the car window, in an attempt to cover up the evidence.

Basit was eventually cornered by the police and had to be Tasered as he tried to escape by smashing the car windows.

When searching him, the police revealed a cash-in-transit note from the Tesco Express store.

Hussain was jailed for four and a half years for the drugs offences and sentenced 18 months for the robbery and driving offences. He was charged for perverting the court of justice, for trying to hide the crucial evidence from the crime.

The drug dealer has also been banned from driving for four years as he was found guilty of dangerous driving.

Hussain had also been sentenced beforehand for drug offences.

Basit was found guilty for supplying cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin, after being previously sentenced from Leeds Crown Court.

Hussain was on bail for the offenses when he robbed the supermarket and was pursued by the police.

The police confiscated his phone to find indicting text messages on it from his customers, who were tracked down.

It was revealed that Hussain had been dealing drugs, including to one customer who had spent £10,000 buying heroin from him over a period of six months.

He had been distributing drugs under the name “Tony” in parts of Bradford and has been jailed for four and a half years for the offenses.

Hussain was called “a sole trader of some consequence and professionalism in the drugs world” by Judge Rodger Thomas QC.

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