AP Dhillon trolled for Live Performance of ‘With You’

AP Dhillon briefly performed ‘With You’ live. The clip went viral, however, many social media users were not impressed.

AP Dhillon trolled for Live Performance of 'With You' f

"Bro struggling to sing his own song."

AP Dhillon has recently come under fire after a clip from a live performance went viral on social media.

The video clip shows Dhillon performing his hit song ‘With You’ without the use of autotune, and many have commented that without the aid of autotune, he is not such a great singer after all.

The clip went viral on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, where it was met with mixed reviews.

Some users applauded him for going live naturally, whilst others mocked him for his lack of live singing abilities.

A number of sarcastic comments were left under the video, one of which read:

“Please stop insulting artists. I can’t like each comment.”

Another read: “Please don’t do live shows, it’s injurious to your health.”

One person was seen commenting on the original post that trolled Dhillon and said:

“That’s so rude, do it again.”

Mocking the singer, one user said: “Bro struggling to sing his own song.”

Another person commented: “AT Dhillon (Auto Tune Dhillon).”

In one comment, an individual spoke about the likes of Guru Randhawa, as well as Dhillon.

It was stated that despite the fact that they did not write their own songs, and couldn’t sing without autotune, they were still considered to be singers.

The comment read: “These Punjabi singers like AP Dhillon and Guru Randhawa etc are lucky.

“They don’t write their songs, they don’t produce their own music, and sometimes they don’t even compose their own music.

“They are full-time singers, even though they can’t sing without pitch correctors (autotune).”

AP Dhillon began his career in 2019 with his debut singles ‘Fake’ and ‘Faraar’.

He is well recognised for his song ‘Brown Munde’ which reached the number one spot in the UK Asian chart.

His latest single ‘With You’ is proving to be popular and is hugely trending on Instagram due to people using the track for their posts.

The song has garnered more than 25 million views on YouTube and the comment section is full of praise for the latest summer track.

One person commented: “Part of the beauty of this video lies in the way they have compiled pure, raw relationship clips. Hats off to the producer.”

Another said: “Listening on repeat and loving the fact that this was shot on an iPhone.

“Such real and raw moments. Looks like it’s straight from someone’s personal video diary.”

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