Amir Khan throwing Cash at Qawwali Night annoys Netizens

In a video, Amir Khan was seen throwing cash at Qawwali singers, however, some social media users were not impressed.

"Money cannot buy class."

Amir Khan has annoyed some social media users after he was seen throwing cash.

The boxer is currently enjoying retirement and he attended a Qawwali night.

Qawwali is a form of Sufi Islamic devotional singing and they are popular as events of their own or as part of special occasions such as weddings.

In a TikTok video, Qawwali singers are seen performing on stage while guests clapped and sang along to the songs.

Meanwhile, Amir and a friend were at the front dressed in black.

The pair threw hundreds of dollars in the air, showering the performers in cash.

As the singers continued, Amir threw more money over them.

While it looked like the former world champion enjoyed himself, the viral video irritated some social media users, who criticised Amir for his apparent ostentatious display of wealth.

Many were not impressed with the way Amir was flaunting his wealth while there is still a lot of poverty in the world.

One person wrote: “This is lovely but I think you need to think about everyone in poverty at the moment.”

Another said: “Money cannot buy class.”

A third commented: “You are really proud for all of us, especially Pakistani and boxing fans but this gesture is not good.”

A person said: “Wrong on so many levels.”

One user felt that Amir could have handed the money to the Qawwali singers instead of throwing it.

“You could give it directly to the Qawwali singers with respect.”

Others believed that Amir should have given the money to charity.

One person said: “Give it to the poor like that as well.”

A second wrote: “Give these dollars to poor people and they will remember you in their prayers for a lifetime.”

Another commented: “Bro don’t forget poor people. Give to needy people.”

Some social media users pointed out that Amir Khan was throwing dollar bills and took to the comments to talk about the vast amount of money the boxer was throwing.

There were other people who made fun of the video.

One person joked: “If I was there I would be at the front for the money like any extra that got behind them that’s mine finders keepers.”

Other users decided to troll Amir.

One netizen commented: “All 1 dollar bills.”

Another said:

“They photocopied one real dollar bill and then there you go.”

However, one person defended Amir’s actions, saying it is “tradition” to shower Qawwali singers with money.

In the past, Amir Khan has been criticised for showing off his wealth.

Previously, he gave a tour of his Dubai holiday home but some were angry at him for posting pictures of the luxury home while many people struggled financially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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