Indian Husband accused of throwing Wife off Fifth Floor

An Indian husband from Madhya Pradesh has been accused of murder after he allegedly threw his wife off the fifth floor of a building.

Indian Husband accused of throwing Wife off Fifth Floor f

Anoop allegedly threw his wife off the fifth floor.

A police case has been registered against an Indian husband after he allegedly murdered his wife.

The victim had been found outside an apartment block. It is believed that she was thrown off the fifth floor after a dispute.

The incident happened in the Rani Bagh Main area of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Anoop Tiwari has been named as an accused in the murder of his wife Vandana.

Police initially thought it was a case of suicide, however, after conducting a thorough investigation and speaking to locals and relatives, they concluded that it was murder.

It was reported that Anoop and Vandana had an argument at their home. The row became heated and in a fit of rage, Anoop allegedly threw his wife off the fifth floor.

Locals told police that the victim had crashed through some glass before landing on the ground.

It was believed to be a case of suicide, however, police noticed markings down the side of the building.

They said that Vandana was thrown off the building because if she took her own life, she would have fallen further away from the wall and that there would be no markings.

Police were also misled during the investigation because it was revealed that Anoop had poured hot water on himself to make it look like he was injured during the dispute and making it seem like he was not involved.

During the investigation, police discovered that the Indian husband worked as an operator at an advisory company.

Officers found out that Anoop had been having an affair with a colleague and the dispute stemmed from Vandana finding out about the illicit relationship.

Vandana’s brother explained that his sister found out about the affair went she looked at Anoop’s phone.

She found a series of messages between the lovers. Vandana initially confronted Anoop about the affair but he denied it and left his home.

When Vandana discovered that he had stayed the night with his lover, she called the young woman’s father and told him about the affair.

CSP Surendra Singh said that the lover, Seema, was desperate to marry Anoop.

She allegedly pressured Anoop to marry her to such a point that he allegedly killed his wife during an argument.

CSP Singh said that a murder case has been registered against Anoop. He also said that Seema has been named as an accessory to murder.

Although Vandana’s funeral has taken place, the investigation is ongoing.

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