Alia Bhatt reveals Mother still Manages her Money

Alia Bhatt spoke about money and revealed that her mother Soni Razdan still continues to manage her finances.

Alia Bhatt reveals Mother still Manages her Money f

"I am not sure how much money I even have in my bank."

Alia Bhatt revealed that her mother Soni Razdan continues to take care of her finances.

In recent years, Alia has ventured into business, investing in Nykaa and launching a childrenswear brand Ed-a-Mamma.

The actress also founded her own production company, Eternal Sunshine Productions.

Alia spoke about how her relationship with money has changed throughout the years and she revealed that her mother has looked after her finances throughout her life and continues to do so.

Alia also said that she is not sure how much money she has in her bank account.

She explained: “When I was younger, of course, my relationship with money was restricted to the pocket money that I received from my mum, which I would very carefully save up and spend on some strange items.

“I remember once we went to London and we had only £200 for the whole trip to shop, and I went and spent £170 on the first outing because it was the first time I was going to such a large shopping space with so many brands.

“So I had no understanding of it.”

Revealing that even as an adult, her mother continues to look after her money, Alia continued:

“Even now, my mum handles my money. I am not sure how much money I even have in my bank.

“But every now and then I sit with my team and they take me through the numbers.

“I have a certain idea and a certain sense, but I know that my mother right now is handling my money very well.

“So my relationship with money is to make it and have my mother handle it.”

Alia Bhatt is currently expecting her first child with Ranbir Kapoor and due to her pregnancy, she created a maternity wear line.

In an Instagram post, she said:

“I’m launching my own line of maternity wear. I don’t think anyone will ask why but let me tell you anyway.

“It’s not like I’ve bought maternity clothes before. But when I got down to it, I was overwhelmed.”

“Do I buy brands I already wear but in a bigger size? Should I raid Ranbir’s wardrobe?

“So, I started making my personal style more bump-friendly.

“I added elastic to my favourite jeans, designed shirts that I didn’t have to share with my husband, and wore flowy dresses so as to not invite any unwanted belly-touching.

“Comfort took priority over any ‘airport looks’. What started off as me trying to fill a gap in my existing wardrobe, led to an entire maternity collection.”

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