Ahmed Shehzad criticises Babar Azam’s Captaincy Skills

After the big loss in the match against India, Ahmed Shehzad called out Babar Azam for his poor leadership skills.

Ahmed Shehzad criticises Babar Azam's Captaincy Skills f

"You’ve done serious damage to Pakistan cricket this way.”

Ahmed Shehzad appeared on the show Hasna Mana Hai where he ranted about the current state of Pakistan’s cricket team.

His focus was particularly sharp on the performance and leadership of the team’s captain, Babar Azam.

Ahmed Shehzad did not hold back in expressing his frustration and disappointment with Babar’s tenure as captain.

He believes that Babar has failed to foster bench strength within the team.

Ahmed said: “PCB has increased your salaries so that you would evolve yourself and do better.

“You used that money and spent it on social media and you presented yourself as far greater than you actually are.”

He went on to accuse Babar Azam of favouritism.

Ahmed continued: “You have made a fool out of the public. You have put your friends in your team. You’ve given 40-plus matches to them.

“You’ve done serious damage to Pakistan cricket this way.”

According to Ahmed, this has resulted in many of Pakistan’s cricketing talents seeking opportunities abroad.

He said: “The good performers are leaving for the USA and UAE.

“They say that they are not being given any chances to perform. You have destroyed cricket.”

The issue of players leaving for international leagues has become a growing concern.

According to Ahmed Shehzad, it is not only depleting the local talent pool but also reflecting poorly on the domestic cricket environment.

Ahmed Shehzad claimed that Babar has not utilised his position effectively to build a robust and competitive team.

“The public that has given you such love and respect, this is what you are doing to them?

“You’re making a fool out of them. These stats that you have, are not those of a ‘king’.”

“The chairman of the cricket board has also taken some very wrong decisions.”

Ahmed Shehzad’s outspoken analysis has sparked widespread debate among cricket fans.

One user said: “Nothing in Pakistan is right, so how can we expect no corruption in cricket?”

Another wrote: “There has always been injustice and favouritism. I see no hope for change.”

On the other hand, many criticised Ahmed Shehzad for calling out Babar.

A user said: “Look who’s talking. What Babar and Rizwan have done for the country, you can’t do it in seven lifetimes.”

Another added: “You are accusing them of acting and faking their emotions?

“Remember when you used to misfield and then lie down on the stretcher pretending to be injured?”


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