Is Babar Azam Pakistan’s latest Honey Trap Victim?

Babar Azam has been accused of sexting a woman, with pictures and videos being leaked. But is he a honey-trapping victim?

Is Babar Azam Pakistan's latest Honey Trap Victim f


she is certain that the truth will come out

Babar Azam has had several private videos and pictures of him leaked.

Videos and WhatsApp conversations allegedly between the Pakistani cricketer and a woman named Eisha have appeared online in what has been dubbed a “leak”.

According to the woman, who goes by Eisha Babar Azam on Instagram, the messages were between her and Azam.

She claimed that he sexted her, despite her being engaged to his cousin.

In one of the posts, she shared a video in which her face is hidden as she is sitting next to the star cricketer.

In another post, she shared a screen recording of her FaceTiming Babar, and in another, she shared an audio message.

However, she later deleted the media from her account.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories that she is certain that the truth will come out even though she knows that no one will believe her.

Although Babar Azam has not released an official statement in response to Eisha’s allegations, he inadvertently responded to rumours by posting an Instagram post of himself with the following caption:

“Doesn’t take too much to be happy.”

Babar Azam’s father, Azam Siddique, shared a tweet in support of him.

Additionally, Babar Azam’s supporters have come forward to show their support for him, stating that the claims were part of a honey trap scheme.

They also said it was part of a plot to remove him as captain.

One Twitter user said: “Pure editing against Babar Azam.

“The Mafia will be exposed like this. Babar is class and they can’t beat him.”

A second Twitter user commented:

“Babar haters wake up in the morning, keep posting about Babar like it’s their responsibility. They even post lies about him.”

As fans supported the cricketer, the hashtags #WeStandWithBabar and #StayStrongBabarAzam began trending in Pakistan.

Pakistani cricket fans have claimed that Shoaib Jatt, a journalist who has been a vocal opponent of Babar Azam, is responsible for the video and text messages leaking.

Some others drew attention to the fact that the individual who initially shared the footage on social media was a fan of Shoaib Jatt.

However, the journalist immediately dismissed the rumours, replying:

“I have no connection with this scandal at all.

“I respect Babar Azam a lot and I feel he is in the process of becoming great.

“I am reiterating I have nothing to do with his scandal and appeal to not connect me with it.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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