7 Things that make Pakistan Special

Pakistan, with its rich culture and beautiful locales, has its fair share of quirks too. DESIblitz presents seven things that make truly Pakistan special.

7 Things that make Pakistan Special

The big cities are full of food streets that are rich in gastronomical delights

Pakistan is a vast and culturally rich country. With many languages, foods, and traditions, its people enjoy living their lives to the fullest.

From huge families living together to lavish weddings there is nothing which Pakistanis do that might be considered understated.

Generous and big hearted are just some of the ways for the people living here. Highly volatile, emotional and compassionate, their motto is the more the merrier.

Despite a difference in language and culture amongst the four provinces (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province – KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan), people are united and seem to enjoy each other’s diversity.

Pakistanis are bold, beautiful and dynamic. This is exactly what sets them apart. DESIblitz brings to you some interesting cultural traits that are particular to the country of Pakistan.

1. Extravagant Weddings


Unsurprisingly, weddings are a pretty big deal in Pakistan. Preparations for a big fat Pakistani wedding are made from the day the rishta is ‘qubooled’ and a couple gets engaged.

This means that selecting a venue, planning a menu and giving an order for the bridal jora are some things which are done at least six months before the wedding.

Dance preparations, elaborate mehndi nights and sangeet parties, and the most beautiful bride ever are only a few interesting features of a Pakistani wedding.

To state that every bride here is beautiful is not an exaggeration. The bridal salons have specialist makeup and hair artists that make sure that all women are contoured to perfection on their big day. No one makes a bride like the beauticians in Pakistan.

2. Extended Families


Family values are one of the most important aspects of Pakistani culture. Everything that we do or say depends on the ideas and suggestions by our elders. Respect for the patriarch of the home still rules supreme in many households.

Whenever there is a festivity you can expect all your relatives even from the most removed side of your paternal or maternal folks show up at your doorstep.

The best part is that no one even minds this and all are welcome to come and partake in a joyous occasion.

Mourning and death too are commemorated by all and there are indeed genuine and heartfelt condolences given all the way.

The fact that people prefer to live such a life says a great deal about their integrity. You won’t find too many old people’s homes here in Pakistan. Families prefer having their elders close to them.

3. Fashion Lawn Fever


Lawn had a humble beginning. It was the preferred dress of the masses for the longest time. It was the lightweight summer clothing, which was essential for women to wear within their homes or during the hot summer days.

When the designers decided to jump on the lawn bandwagon it suddenly exploded onto the fashion scene like never before. Hundreds of billboards advertising a particular designer lawn would catch your eyes as you drive around the city.

That’s right folks, the lawn fever doesn’t seem to be abating and one piece of a designer lawn jora might cost you anywhere around £50 to £100.

4. The Aunty Brigade


Another key trait of Pakistani culture is the ‘Aunty Brigade’. The Aunty Brigade is pretty strong here.

You can find them fluttering around like brightly coloured social butterflies. Their hair perfectly coiffed or blow-dried into submission with a tint of blonde highlighting. Designer kurtas paired with the classiest wedges and sandals and the latest designer handbags.

They are utterly bored and ultra rich, a pretty lethal combination. Some of them have a strong hold in society and dictate what is right or wrong on their own terms.

Not to forget the rishta brigade as well. If you are single and even if you aren’t ready to mingle you could find yourself the object of scrutiny of a well meaning aunty.

She would be summing you up as a potential bride or groom for so and so. Don’t be embarrassed as it’s part of the culture here, and one which the youth is pretty much used to.

5. The Foodie Culture


Dining out and being a foodie is a typical pastime for Pakistanis, and we take it very seriously. We love our food and we know how to show our appreciation for it.

The big cities are full of food streets that are rich in gastronomical delights, some of them so mouthwateringly delicious that you might feel that you have actually tasted heaven.

This is by no means an exaggeration; if you visit Pakistan make sure you throng the food streets in the different cities to get an actual idea of what we are talking about here.

6. Beautiful Handicrafts


Pakistan with its rich ethnic culture has been producing the most beautiful handicrafts ever since its inception. The artisans are hard working and strive to create masterpieces, the likes of which you might have not ever seen.

The beautiful handwork speaks volumes about the local talent of which there is absolutely no dearth.

From textiles, embroidery and craftsmanship, some of these people are mighty poor and yet they make sure that they churn out absolutely stunning pieces.

7. Traditions and Beliefs


Pakistanis are a traditional lot and they guard these traditions with a fierce passion. No matter wherever they are in the world, they make sure they practice their beliefs.

This speaks a great deal about their integrity. Their social values and their acceptance of what has been handed over to them by their forefathers are pretty much admirable.

If you ever have a chance to visit Pakistan, we are sure that you will come across some of these cultural traits mentioned above.

All of these habits are endearing, fascinating and make Pakistan the unique country that it is.

Naila is a writer and a mother of three. A graduate in English Linguistics, she loves to read and listen to some soulful music. Her motto in life is "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

Images courtesy of AP, Alivation Media, Gul Ahmed, Shobhaa De and Sunday Times Pakistan