5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

Herbs are often used as a garnish in small amounts. But, once you learn the health benefits of herbs, you’ll be adding them to every dish.

5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

By using these ingredients every day, you will surely see the health benefits of herbs in the long run.

Herbs can often take a bit of a backseat to spices in many dishes. You’ll use tablespoons of curry powder but, may limit yourself to a sprinkling of parsley. You will actually find that the health benefits of herbs are plentiful.

Whether fresh or dry, herbs make meals look tastier and prettier. Fresh herbs can be delicious and full of flavour. But, dried herbs can also magically flavour up many dishes.

They are great to experiment with and just as versatile as your favourite spices. You can use the fresh ones in salads and add dried herbs to almost every dish.

So, try adding your favourite herbs to a new dish, for food that’s exciting and good for you! But, while adding them, it’s totally worth knowing their awesome health benefits.


5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

Basil is one of the most fragrant herbs you can add to a dish. It’s sharp and full of flavour.

In particular, it is added to tomato dishes or meals which involve pasta. A valuable plant, which is not only delicious but, health-giving.

It contains high quantities of a chemical called Beta-Caryophyllene. This chemical can actually help to treat Arthritis.

With its anti-inflammatory nature, Basil works to reduce swelling. So it’s beneficial for your sore joints.

Basil is also antibacterial, which means that you can help to reduce the germs in your food simply by adding this herb.


5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

Oregano is another delicate herb full of fragrance. Delicious whether it’s dry or fresh, the health benefits of this ingredient are plentiful.

It contains a lot of Vitamin K, which is crucial to promoting bone growth.

It’s great for the development of children. As well as, for keeping your bones healthy as an adult.

Oregano has also been found to contain lots of antioxidants, which help to protect your cells and fight infections.

The health benefits of herbs are often similar. Oregano, like basil, also has antibacterial qualities. Even after being boiled, the Himalayan Oregano carries its antibacterial properties.


5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

Thyme is often used to give flavour to roasted meats. It’s a delicious herb, which is easy to grow at home and is full of flavour. The health benefits of herbs also extend to Thyme.

These flavouring leaves can actually help to lower your blood pressure. This is important because an unhealthy diet can often lead to a high blood pressure. If you simply add some Thyme to your meals, you can help to combat this.

This herb can also be used to help with sore throats. Thyme is actually from the same family as Mint, so you can even make tea with it.

If you are experiencing a throat soreness, and don’t feel up to eating a lot of marinated meat, then Thyme tea can help you out.


5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

Rosemary is another taste you will probably associate with roasted meats. It’s also delicious with potatoes or an excellent way to add flavour to stews.

If you’ve had a bad day, then Rosemary is the herb you want to be adding to your food. It’s been shown that Rosemary can actually improve your mood and reduce stress. For this reason, it is commonly used in Aromatherapy.

In addition, it can also help to strengthen your immune system. As an anti-inflammatory ingredient, like basil, it is also good for your joints.

Lastly, while it isn’t really one of the health benefits of herbs, Rosemary is actually a great breath freshener. Simply make a cup of hot Rosemary tea to gargle, and you’ll be set!


5 Health Benefits of Herbs which will Surprise You

Parsley has a tasty flavour in itself, but it is often ignored, and just used for garnishing.

You will probably have some dried Parsley at the back of your cupboard, which is overloaded with spices. So, it’s time to get it out!

Surprisingly, Parsley contains a high amount of Vitamin C, which is commonly associated with fruits. Yet, it is essential for your immune system.

If you feel like you’re not getting enough of this vitamin, start adding Parsley to your meals, as more than just a garnish.

Parsley is also a good source of folic acid, which is important for keeping your heart healthy. If you eat a lot of fatty foods, heart health can be a big problem. So introducing Parsley to your diet is a way to help.

This plant also contains a chemical called Apigenin, which has the ability to decrease the size of Tumours.

The Health Benefits of Herbs Made Easy

Now that you know about the health benefits of herbs, you just need to add them into your diet.

Experimenting with new flavours can be difficult. But, these five herbs will go with almost anything.

Try using dried herbs for everyday use, and fresh herbs for specific dishes. Fresh herbs are great in salads, and you can even freeze them for future use.

By using these ingredients every day, you will surely see the health benefits of herbs in the long run.

Aimee is an International Politics graduate and a foodie who loves being daring and trying new things. Passionate about reading and writing with aspirations to be a novelist, she keeps herself inspired by the saying: “I am, therefore I write.”

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