11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

With the NFT space expanding at a speedy rate, we look at the top Indian artists trailblazing this new form of modern art.

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

"This allows me to reach a completely new audience"

The transformative impact of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the art world is unmistakable, revolutionising how artists both monetise and showcase their creations.

This groundbreaking technology has opened unparalleled opportunities for Indian artists to expand their reach to broader audiences.

In India, there has been a notable shift in the perception and valuation of digital art, with NFTs gaining significant traction among artists.

This evolution represents a departure from traditional art markets.

The NFT market, which saw collectors and traders spending a staggering £17.2 billion in 2021, continues to experience growth.

In India, creators are actively exploring the possibilities of establishing their NFTs, turning this technology into more personalised art. 

The benefits for Indian artists are substantial.

Stanley Thomas notes on Medium that these figures will receive “global exposure”, “direct engagement with collectors”, “secured ownership and royalties”, and “diversified revenue streams”. 

Despite the increasing recognition of NFT art, discovering artists in this field can still be a challenge.

So, we’ve uncovered some of the best Indian NFT artists that you should keep an eye on!

Prasad Bhat

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Prasad Bhat is renowned for his distinct creative approach to capturing facial expressions.

He is the proprietor of Graphicurry, an independent artist company, and design studio located in Bangalore, India.

Prasad has engaged in a diverse array of pursuits, spanning from graphic design to designing stages and stalls for esteemed Indian companies.

His viral GIFs have graced platforms such as 9GAG, Reddit, and the Rolling Stones.

Moreover, he has collaborated with major brands including Disney, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar.

Siraj Hassan

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

In 2021, Siraj Hassan made a significant impact on the digital landscape through the unveiling of the “Caged NFT” collection on OpenSea.

Hassan’s source of inspiration for this series stemmed from his enchantment with glass snow globes.

The collection, influenced by nature, distinctive skull motifs, and mental well-being, reflects the artist’s exploration of themes related to loneliness and mental health during the lockdown.

With such a wide array of attributes, he’s an upcoming Indian artist to look out for. 

Sneha Chakraborty

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Sneha Chakraborty, a prominent mural and street artist, has recently made a captivating entry into the NFT art scene.

Having travelled extensively across India, she has adorned numerous walls with her artistic murals.

Her creations typically feature traditional Indian motifs.

She focuses on portrayals of women and nomadic themes inspired by various regions throughout the country.

During the Embers exhibition in 2021, Chakraborty introduced an NFT collection featuring eight women she encountered during her travels.

To enhance the experience, the curators incorporated an augmented reality (AR) layer to showcase the paintings.

Chakraborty emphasised that the NFT community is evolving, acknowledging that there is still a considerable journey ahead.

Karan Kalra

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Karan Kalra, a digital artist based in New Delhi, employs a diverse set of skills, including illustration, animation, painting, and sculpting, to seamlessly connect the realms of web3 and pop culture.

Actively involved in the scene since 2016, Karan has garnered a substantial following.

Functioning as a multi-disciplinary visual engineer, Karan’s artworks are narrative-driven.

Whether paying homage to his hometown of New Delhi, presenting a futuristic interpretation of the 2000 rupee note, or envisioning flying automobiles, his creations are intricate yet accessible.

With a significant following, Karan stands out as a popular NFT creator within the initial wave of Indian NFT enthusiasts.

Laya Mathikshara

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Laya Mathikshara, a 16-year-old artist from India, thrives in the interdisciplinary intersection of art and technology.

Amidst the pandemic, she passionately delved into digital art forms, subsequently transforming them into NFTs available for purchase using cryptocurrencies.

With her presence she has achieved remarkable success, grossing just under £1 million. 

A particular artwork, titled ‘What if Moon had life?’, inspired by the distance between the Moon and the Earth, listed a reserve price of 0.384400 etherum (ETH), a cryptocurrency.

This piece was successfully sold for 0.39 ETH on the Foundation platform.

Khyati Trehan

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Khyati Trehan, a graphic designer and 3D visual artist based in New Delhi, graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, in 2014.

Since then, she has collaborated with notable entities including the Oscars, Instagram, Snapchat, the New Yorker, Samsung, Adobe, and Apple.

In 2017, Print Magazine recognised Khyati as one of the 15 New Visual Artists Under 30.

She was honoured as the Artistry Creator of the Year at Adweek’s Creator Visionary Awards and is a recipient of the Young Guns 19 award.

She has also been included in Forbes India’s prestigious 30 Under 30 list.

Trehan’s artworks are known for their playful and diverse nature.

Despite her significant contributions to redefining the art space in India and being a pioneer in the 3D movement, she humbly expresses that there’s still much more to explore in her artistic journey.

Thukral & Tagra

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra form a collaborative duo renowned for creating vibrant and whimsical digital art pieces.

Their collective body of work often delves into themes such as identity, consumerism, and globalisation, gaining recognition through exhibitions in galleries worldwide.

Operating collaboratively, Thukral & Tagra produce lively and darkly humorous creations across a diverse range of media, including painting, installation, and video.

Simultaneously satirical and critical, they engage with and contribute to the pervasive consumer culture in India on a global scale.

Much like their predecessor Takashi Murakami, Thukral & Tagra challenge conventional boundaries between high and low art.

Their art extends beyond traditional settings to include museums, galleries, and product design.

Notably, in works like ‘Wonder Woman II’ (2011), Thukral & Tagra explore the juxtapositions of East and West and the clash of Indian culture with identity in the 21st century.

Some of their NFTs such as ‘Somnium Genero – Pervigeo’ and ‘Somnium Genero – Pervigeo’ can go upwards of £30,000. 

Amrit Pal Singh

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

For over a decade, Amrita Pal Singh has had the privilege of collaborating with clients worldwide, showcasing her design expertise across a spectrum of projects.

In February 2021, Amrita Pal Singh marked her entry into the NFT space by minting her first NFT – the Frida Toy Face – which successfully sold for 3.9 ETH.

Since that initial venture, she has continued to expand her NFT portfolio, crafting over 102 artworks.

As a toymaker within the Indian NFT space, Amrita Pal Singh focuses on creating digital toys inspired by nostalgia and the joy of childhood.

Her current endeavours involve crafting captivating toy faces and intricate 3D dioramas.

Osheen Siva

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Osheen Siva, a multidisciplinary artist originally from Thiruvannamalai and currently based in Goa, explores the realms of surrealism, speculative fiction, and science fiction.

Rooted in their Dalit and Tamil heritage, Siva envisions alternative worlds characterised by decolonised dreamscapes, mutants and monsters, and queer and feminine empowerment. 

She’s collaborated with prestigious clients such as The New York Times, Meta, Apple, and Gucci.

Notably, in 2021, Siva served as an Illustration Jury member for the One Club for Creativity – ADC’s 100th Annual Awards.

Her creations often integrate elements of geometry and mathematics, resulting in intricately detailed and stunningly beautiful pieces.

Paresh Maity

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Having joined the NFT movement around 2022, the 57-year-old artist is renowned for his exceptional approach to landscape and figurative paintings.

Drawing inspiration from his extensive travels across India and the world, Maity’s art is a revolution. 

Speaking to AD India, the artist said: 

“I wasn’t keen at that time.

“But when Somak Mitra of Gallery Art Exposure came up with the idea more recently somehow I felt the NFT market had developed a lot more.

“It gave me the confidence to try it out.

“I am excited because I feel this allows me to reach a completely new audience which is not there in the conventional Indian art world.”

Maity has collaborated with Gallery Art Exposure based in Kolkata to release a collection of five NFT-based assets available on the WazirX marketplace.

Raghava KK

11 Best Indian NFT Artists to Watch

Renowned multidisciplinary artist and trailblazer, Raghava KK showcases an expansive body of work transcending local/global and digital/material binaries.

Recognised on CNN’s list of 10 intriguing thinkers, his diverse creations span traditional forms like painting to cutting-edge expressions using AI, neuro-feedback, and cryptocurrencies.

Raghava, featured in Netflix’s Creative Indians, has delivered inspiring TED talks and mentored creative entrepreneurs.

In 2021, he made history as the first Indian to launch an NFT at Sotheby’s.

He achieved a notable £74,050 bid for ‘La Petite Mort’ in the Boundless Space online auction by Sotheby’s and Burning Man.

NFTs have undeniably transformed the landscape of the art world, redefining how artists monetise and present their creations. 

The shift in perception and valuation of digital art within India is evident, with NFTs gaining considerable traction among artists.

This evolution marks a departure from traditional art markets, and the global NFT market is a space of allure.

These Indian artists are contributing to the expansion of digital art. 

There is no doubt that their unique perspectives and innovative approaches have garnered attention and recognition on both national and international platforms.

Ultimately, the future of NFT art looks very promising. 

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Instagram.

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