Indian Husband kills newlywed Wife suspecting Infidelity

In a shocking incident, an Indian husband from Kerala allegedly murdered his wife, suspecting infidelity. The pair had just got married.

Indian Husband kills newlywed Wife suspecting Infidelity f

Despite attempts to save her, she died at the scene.

An Indian husband allegedly murdered his wife on February 16, 2021, while she was asleep.

The shocking incident happened in the town of Mukkam, Kozhikode, Kerala.

It was reported that the violent killing happened because the man suspected that his wife was having an affair.

The man was identified as Saheer Kuttyali, aged 30, while his wife was 20-year-old Muhsila. The pair had been married for just six months.

On the morning of the incident, Saheer’s parents heard a loud noise from his room.

They asked him to open the door, however, Saheer refused.

When the parents called the relatives in the neighbouring house, Saheer opened the door and ran out.

They discovered Muhsila lying in a pool of blood with her throat slit.

Despite attempts to save her, she died at the scene.

Saheer attempted to flee, however, he was caught by his relatives. Meanwhile, the police were informed and Saheer was arrested.

Police recovered the murder weapon.

During questioning, he confessed to the murder and said his suspicions about her alleged infidelity had led to the crime.

SHO Nissam, of Mukkam Police Station, said: “The couple got married on September 5, 2020. It was an arranged marriage.

“According to the statement of the accused, he had doubts about his wife and it started disturbing him mentally.

“Gradually he developed severe sleep disorder. On Monday night also, he was awake till committing the crime.”

“He said it happened on a sudden thought. “This is just a primary conclusion. We are investigating more details.”

Saheer has four brothers and one sister. He lived with his parents and wife.

According to friends and neighbours, the Indian husband deliberately avoided them after getting married.

Saheer had been working abroad and only returned to his home because of the pandemic. Meanwhile, his wife Muhsila had moved into her husband’s home a short while ago.

Rasheed, a close friend of Saheer, said: “He was a friendly person.

“He was working in the Gulf region and returned eight months ago due to Covid-19. Here he was doing painting works.

“But still, he avoided contacting us.

“We heard that he even deleted our numbers from his phone contact list.

“Something must have happened to him. It is difficult to believe that he killed his wife.”

While Saheer remains in custody, police are continuing their investigation to find out the truth and to find out whether his wife was actually having an affair.

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