Why are Sharara Suits so Popular?

Sharara suits are graceful, fashionable and the preferred choice among women for social events. DESIblitz explores their popularity.

Why are Sharara Suits so Popular? - f

Shararas are not limited to one particular stylising method.

With a rich and royal history comes the very stylish sharara culture. Sharara suits are a classy choice for weddings and other wedding parties.

Bulky lehengas have taken the backseat whilst stylish sharara suits are making their presence known.

A sharara suit is a manifestation of rich culture, aesthetics, elegance, admirable legacy, and glorious past.

The sharara dress suit is a three-piece outfit which consists of a kurta, flared pants and a dupatta.

Originally, the sharara trousers used to be heavily flared and were called trumpet skirts.

Over time, the flare got reduced to add comfort to the outfit.

A grand amalgamation of beauty and grandeur results in awe-inspiring craftsmanship and embellishments of the sharara suit.

Gharara suits are also a grand representation of rich culture, heritage, and tradition.

Many consider both of these ensembles as close relatives.

Both of these Indian ethnic wear seem to be similar at a first glance, but minor differences are there due to which you need to be clear about your requirements.

Since both sharara and gharara suits tell the tale of bygone eras and cultural verve, knowing about a few of their cultural roots is worth the time.

Origin of the Sharara Suit

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Sharara suits have been rooted in Lebanon and Yemen.

In the essence, the Hamedan tribe in Yemen has contributed to the origin of this mesmerising ensemble.

So, how did this apparel become so popular and sought-after in India? The credit goes to the Mughal rulers in the 16th century.

The exquisite blend of stonework, embroideries, beads work, and so on took the demand of this ensemble to the next level.

Sharara suits have their roots in pendulum fashion trends as well.

Considering the fashion scenario of India, these ensembles were an integral part of Indian cinema.

Nonetheless, this culturally-rich attire had lost its prominence with time after the 60s.

However, Indian sharara suits are back with all their glory and elegance, and fashion-forward ladies are in love with this stupendous salwar suit.

Sharara and Gharara Suits

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Coming to the origin of gharara suits, it is classic Lucknow apparel for women. This marvellous ensemble traced back to the era of the Nawabs of Awadh.

Hence, the reason for the splendour, magnificence, grandeur, and elegance of gharara dresses are self-explanatory.

Both sharara and gharara suits witnessed a surge in demand and fame at the beginning of the 19th century.

These embellished ensembles used to be a day-to-day outfit for Pakistani women thanks to some eminent socio-political icons furthering the demand and popularity of sharara suits.

Although both of these outfits share a couple of similarities in terms of the overall look and feel, each one of them can be styled and customised in different ways.

Starting with the sharara suit, it makes for a perfect ensemble for brides and bridesmaids.

These suits indeed hold a very special place in the wedding rituals or rituals of Muslim brides so, it makes sense why Pakistani sharara suits are in demand.

Nonetheless, many North Indian brides chose sharara suits as their D-day outfit, so it dictates the level of popularity of these extraordinarily gorgeous Pakistani sharara suits.

Work and Fabric used

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These ethnic styles of dresses are embellished with intricate zari, thread sequins, stones, zardozi and beads work.

During the Mughal era, pure gold and silver work was done on these ensembles.

In Indian dresses, floral motifs are embroidered. The talented artisans innovated and weaved new aesthetic compositions on the fabric.

The fabric used to make sharara and gharara suits are silk, chiffon, net, and velvet to cotton blends.

Being one of the most sought-after outfits for brides, shararas are not limited to one particular stylising method.

Incorporate a couple of fun twists to make your journey with sharara suits more special.

Give yourself a flattering and ravishing look by emphasising the look and feel of your silhouette.

The best part is that the Pakistani sharara suit is lightweight and easy to carry, unlike many other traditional dresses.

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