Who designs Uorfi Javed’s Bold Outfits?

Uorfi Javed is known for her unique and bold looks but who is responsible for designing her outfits? We find out.

Who designs Uorfi Javed's Bold Outfits f

"everyone has a different viewpoint and I respect it.”

When it comes to Uorfi Javed’s clothes, she works with a designer who is just as bold as her.

Uorfi faced came into the spotlight when she appeared on Bigg Boss OTT, however, she failed to make an impression, being evicted after just nine days.

But since exiting the show, she has become known for her fashion choices, which are unique and often revealing.

Some of her outfits include a dress made out of self-portraits and transparent trousers.

This has led to trolling on social media but Uorfi has stated on numerous occasions that she does not care for their comments.

But who is responsible for designing Uorfi’s outfits?

Well, it is reported that the woman behind the creations is Shweta Srivastava, a Mumbai-based couturier.

Shweta also wears bold outfits, perhaps the main reason why she and Uorfi frequently collaborate.

They have known each other for 15 years and both have confessed to having a “very bold” approach toward fashion where they are not afraid to portray their thoughts through what they wear.

Although Shweta designs and manufactures the outfits, they are all Uorfi’s ideas.

According to Shweta, Uorfi tells her what she feels like wearing and what she is thinking about. Shweta, in turn, brings her ideas to life.

Shweta recalled an instance where Uorfi told her:

“I want to wear glass.”

Shweta replied: “You will have to wear broken glass.”

One of Shweta’s latest designs for Uorfi was a shimmery pink outfit for her pre-birthday celebration.

It was a mini-dress that featured shimmering fringes draping down her shoulders and legs.

Unsurprisingly, the outfit turned heads as it exposed her entire body, with just a strip of fabric to cover her modesty.

Who designs Uorfi Javed's Bold Outfits

Speaking about the trolls, Uorfi Javed said:

“I think trolls are not at all a thing that I care about most of the time because I know people admire the way I come out each time.”

She went on to elaborate on what she likes to wear, saying:

“Fashion creative is the right word because I believe in bringing what’s new and different.”

On whether there is a fashion style that she hates, Uorfi said:

“Nothing as such because everyone has a different viewpoint and I respect it.”

Although Uorfi is subjected to criticism, she received praise from British-American fashion designer Harris Reed after she recreated one of his outfits.

Uorfi Javed wore a black and white cutout dress that featured two hands holding a loop around her chest.

Harris came across Urfi’s recreation of his outfit and was impressed.

Harris took to Instagram to talk about Urfi’s outfit, although he did not know who she was.

Pointing out how famous she is, Harris said:

“So this girl who is clearly very very famous remade one of my show looks.”

The fashion designer then pointed out that Urfi’s video has 45 million views.

He praised her look and said: “It is very obsessive and I’m really obsessed.”

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