What does Guru Randhawa Look for in a Date?

In a recent interview, Guru Randhawa revealed what makes him ’Swipe Right Material’ and what he looks for on a date.

Guru Randhawa announces New Album ‘Unstoppable’ - f

“Self-love and comfort are key for me."

After the success of his recent hit ‘Dance Meri Rani’, Guru Randhawa is back with another tune in collaboration with Anirudh Ravichander and Dee MC called ‘Swipe Right Material’.

In an interview with Tinder, the singer talked about the new song which delves into the themes of dating, self-love and authenticity.

‘Swipe Right Material’ is an upbeat number that gives out a positive and uplifting message.

Guru shared the inspiration behind the song and said:

“The inspiration behind the song, personally for me, was to promote self-love for young Indians and do that in the best way possible – music.

“Swipe Right Material is an upbeat, fun song that aims at encouraging this generation to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate diverse backgrounds.

“The track features lyrics that urge this generation to be their unique self, embrace their quirks unapologetically and wear their heart on their sleeve – and this couldn’t come at a better time than now.”

When asked what self-love means to him, Guru said: “Self-love and comfort are key for me.

“I strongly believe that if you wish for other people – your friends, family to love you then you must love yourself first – more than anyone else.

“There are various ways to show love to yourself and they would start with listening to your heart and intuition.

“The recent past has made everyone question the world around us.

“And as we figure our way around it, it is very important to remind ourselves just how perfect we are with all our imperfections.”

The singer added:

“It is only when you accept yourself as you are and your little quirks, is when you will be able to love others or build true connections.

“With this song, we have worked hard to echo these feelings.

“I am confident this track will not only make people groove but also spread hope and positivity amongst them to be your authentic selves.”

Guru was romantically linked to Nora Fatehi after the pair were pictured together in Goa.

However, the rumours were put to rest when Nora shared the stills from their latest song and confirmed that the two were simply working together.

Fans of the singer were frustrated with Guru Randhawa’s repetitive lyrics in ‘Dance Meri Rani’.

‘Dance Meri Rani’ was compared to his previous songs and many accused him of copying Tony Kakkar.

Nora Fatehi also received criticism for her appearance in the music video, with many comparing her to Colombian singer Shakira.

Meanwhile, Guru believes he is ’Swipe Right Material’ in a “unique” way.

The singer went on to reveal what he looks for in a date:

“Everyone is Swipe Right Material – in their completely unique ways and it’s all about owning this confidence.

“However, for me, some things I like in others are the way someone thinks about themselves and people around them, their knowledge and achievements etc.

“And of course, a good smile never hurts.”

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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