Western Beauties looking Amazing in Sarees

Sarees look gorgeous on Bollywood stars but they look just as good on international stars. We present Western beauties who totally rock a saree!

Angelina’s figure and dark hair makes her the perfect Bollywood heroine.

Though we all know that our Bollywood stars dazzle in their traditional Indian attire, some of the biggest Western beauties have sizzled in sarees.

Models, actresses and singers could not resist draping a saree at least once in their life!

Whether the saree they choose is silk or Banarsi, these women have glowed in their beautiful outfits.

DESIblitz takes a look at the international stars who have rocked a saree in the past, and who we want to see continuing to wear them in the future!

Naomi Campbell

naomi collage - western beauties

This international supermodel looks flawless in anything she wears, but when she wears a saree she surely turns some heads!

Naomi’s lean physique and beautiful long tresses compliment any saree she wears.

Whether the saree is black or white, this dusky beauty glows in traditional Indian attire.

Nicole Scherzinger

Western Beauties looking Amazing in Sarees

Nicole sizzles onscreen in ‘Jai Ho’ in a Western and Indian fusion of a yellow blouse, dupatta and Bindi.

Her glowing golden skin and love for dark eye makeup looks perfect with her bright choice of sarees.

Looking glamorous in this hot pink saree, Nicole oozes glamour and sensuality, and we would love to see her in more Desi attire!

Jessica Alba

jessica collage - western beauties

Jessica’s bouncy and bubbly personality along with her athletic figure has made one of the most desirable Western beauties.

Rocking any outfit she wears, this star does not disappoint in a saree.

Looking ever so vibrant onscreen in this bright orange saree, accessorising her outfit with a shimmering headpiece adds the final touch to this exotic outfit.

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele collage - western beauties

This supermodel’s enviable figure is almost made to be flaunted in a saree.

Gisele looks stunning in a magazine shoot in this minimalist, yet chic saree.

The bikini styles blouse displays Gisele’s washboard abs, and the soft green shades on the saree illuminate her glowing tanned complexion.

Lady Gaga

gaga collage - western beauties

Gaga’s eccentric fashion sense has shown her in almost every outfit imaginable!

From a meat dress to wearing outrageous wigs, Gaga has worn it all, but our favourite is her donning an Indian saree.

Looking breathtaking in this beautiful saree with a contemporary twist, the beautiful soft colour and Gaga’s luscious long gives her a stunning regal look.

Julia Roberts

julia collage - western beauties

Julia is undoubtedly one of the most classic Hollywood beauties, who has won the heart of her worldwide audience with her charm and charisma.

It is her elegance and grace that makes her look ethereal in a saree.

With a large part of her blockbuster Eat Pray Love (2010) shot in India, how could we not see her in a saree?

Julia’s minimal makeup and simple hairdo really draws attention to her beautiful green saree, in which she looks effortlessly beautiful.

Katherine Heigl

catherine collage - western beauties

Katherine’s beautiful blonde hair and sweet smile adds to her onscreen charisma.

Looking graceful in Western attire, it is refreshing to see this Hollywood beauty in bright saree.

Dawning a bright pink and orange saree and matching it with minimal jewellery tailors this traditional Indian dress to Katherine’s individual style.

Angelina Jolie

angelina collage - western beauties

Often dubbed as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina’s exotic and interesting facial features make her a perfect star to wear a saree.

Draping her clothes in the style of a saree, Angelina looks absolutely exquisite.

Stunning in red, Angelina’s impeccable figure and dark hair makes her look like the perfect Bollywood heroine.

Oprah Winfrey

oprah collage - western beauties

Talk show host, business woman and worldwide icon, this fierce female has always shown her versatility.

Oprah has shown her fondness for India in interviews with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan.

When visiting India and meeting the Bachchans, Oprah embraced Indian culture and clothing whilst she was there and wore saree’s on numerous occasions.

Glowing in her brightly coloured sarees and accessories, this wonder woman looked impeccable in a saree.

Though a saree may have its origins in India, it has become a worldwide fashion choice worn by almost every A-List star.

Whether it’s for a role in a film, on a catwalk or just for their own personal wardrobe, these women have shown that a saree can look good on anyone!

And we hope to see many more stars impress and surprise us with their impeccable choices of Desi fashion!

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